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a bucket of ice used to chill a bottle of wine


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By operating an integrated wine cooler prototype we demonstrate that magnetocaloric technology has the potential to revolutionize the cooling industry, says Dr.
HFN could only locate two manufacturers--Perlick and Franklin Industries--that currently offer outdoor units, but a handful of established wine cooler makers are looking to move outdoors in the near future.
Giacopassi and Stein (1991) found that college participants overestimated the strength of the majority of alcoholic beverages they were questioned about, yet underestimated the strength of wine coolers.
According to Bierlein, wine coolers keep wine at a comfortable 58 degrees and vary greatly in size.
Canandaigua's recent Sun Country Wild Jamaican Rum Wine Cooler ad features the theme, "The Hooter Cooler.
In the magnetocaloric heat pump, heat is transferred from the cold interior of the wine cooler to the warm surrounding air by shuttling a water based coolant through the magnetocaloric materials as they go in and out of the magnetic field.
And ideal for parties is the Romano Oval Wine Cooler TOUCH OF GLAMOUR The Coral Hurricane candleholder will add ambience or act as a focal point for table settings PRETTY YET PRACTICAL A mirror will enhance the effect of candlelight and the stunning Arch Mirror would be perfect for adding a cosy touch LET'S SPARKLE Add a party Aquilla sequinned cushion shimmer or a Sienna glass table light, centre.
Avanti and Sunpentown also are offering this alternative technology in the wine cooler category.
AND to cool your wine, John Lewis has this funky acrylic beehive wine cooler.
When fitted sideboards came in, circa 1780, only one of the drawers was fitted as a wine cooler but this didn't provide nearly enough space and usually a back-up was provided by another cellaret.
Suppliers of such products as well as the retailers selling them say that the demographics of wine cooler drinkers are very similar to those of drug store shoppers.
Wine cooler volume continued to evaporate as vintners switched production to a malt-base to take advantage of the significant tax rate difference between malt beverages and wine.
Wine buyers expect this surge to continue throughout 1985, sparked by the introduction of Seagram's Wine Cooler and the Bartles & Jaymes brand being launched by Gallo.
For his final year degree project Terje designed a wine cooler unit.
This is a standard wine cooler that's nothing fancy but looks fine and does the job perfectly well.