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a bucket of ice used to chill a bottle of wine


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By operating an integrated wine cooler prototype we demonstrate that magnetocaloric technology has the potential to revolutionize the cooling industry, says Dr.
HFN could only locate two manufacturers--Perlick and Franklin Industries--that currently offer outdoor units, but a handful of established wine cooler makers are looking to move outdoors in the near future.
Giacopassi and Stein (1991) found that college participants overestimated the strength of the majority of alcoholic beverages they were questioned about, yet underestimated the strength of wine coolers.
Although the first commercial wine cooler, California Cooler, was released only seven years ago, the market was worth $1.
Vinotemp is stepping into new green turf with a line of environmentally friendly wine coolers that it will debut at the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference later this month.
They were also known as wine coolers or, by Hepplewhite and others with rather grand ideas, a "garde du vin" with lead linings and sometimes also divisions for bottles.
Haier, Astronautics, and BASF present the first prototype of a magnetocaloric wine cooler at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas/Nevada
For his final year degree project Terje designed a wine cooler unit.
This is a standard wine cooler that's nothing fancy but looks fine and does the job perfectly well.
The wine cooler line will range from $79 for smaller eight-bottle units to $229 for 35-bottle chillers, Polakoff said.
THIS curved bench has a built-in wine cooler that swings on a pivot out of the way under the seat.
LOS ANGELES -- Vinotemp, a recognized leader in the wine storage and refrigeration industry for 25 years, has added the 6-Bottle Wall-Mounted Thermoelectric Wine Cooler to its environmentally-friendly Eco Series of wine coolers.
NEW YORK-Drunk on sales and growing consumer demand, many wine cooler makers are bringing new designs to the marketplace, while some are reaching out to new consumer demographics.
Ol' wine cooler buddies Bartles & Jaymes are back with a 20th-anniversary, limited-edition four-pack ($4), on the shelves through September.
The consortium introduces the KeyKeg disposable dispensing line and the first three KeyKeg beer and wine cooler dispensers to accommodate the new disposable dispensing line.