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a barrel that holds wine


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The '94 vintage was good, and a number of Central Coast wineries have been very good for quite a while," says David Russell, wine buyer for Santa Barbara's Wine Cask.
She was Wine Director at the Wine Cask, Santa Barbara and Eno, Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel as well as retail and distributor sales, restaurant management and wine education while gaining her Advanced Sommelier Certification.
OPALINE'S BOTTLE: Perhaps inspired by the late Jean Leon, who founded La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills, and Doug Margerum of the Wine Cask in Santa Barbara, both well-known restaurateurs who produced their own wines, David Rosoff of Opaline, one of the hot, new L.
Montecito Wine Cask, 1290 Coast Village Road; 969-3955.
In California's Central Coast Grenache hotbed , Bob Lindquist, of Qupe Winery and longtime winery partner Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat spent Grenache Day leisurely dining over a mid-day Grenache-themed lunch and Santa Barbara's Doug Margerum of Margerum Wine Company and the Wine Cask restaurant fame hosted a dinner at Intermezzo, pairing Grenache wines with Umami-ish haute cuisine foods.
One such jewel was David Russell, one of the top Burgundy wine experts in the nation, who once was at The Wine Cask in Santa Barbara and who now oversees one of the most impressive areas of the store: red Burgundy.
It was with this wine in mind that a local wine shop, The Wine Cask in Santa Barbara, began to explore the most arcane aspects of the county's pinot noir 15 years ago, long before "Sideways" protagonist Miles Raymond graced the screen to sing its praises.
Beringer Blass Wine Estates recently entered the increasingly popular 3-liter premium wine cask category with its Carmenet Winery Vintner's Collection wine cask.
With its comfy sofas, candles and wine cask tables, it is the sort of place you'd want to unwind in and, on the Friday night we were there, plenty of office workers seemed to be doing just that.
The five-course dinner is by three well-respected restaurants: Valentino in Santa Monica, and the Wine Cask and Citronelle, both in Santa Barbara.
Consumers have enthusiastically embraced the wine Cask format with Corbett Canyon premium wines, pouring almost 100 million glasses from the Corbett Canyon Premium Cask format since its 2003 launch.
Tickets are on sale now for $20 general admission and $75 VIP (VIP tickets are limited and include a catered pre-party with Lakey and filmmaker Aaron Lieber at Wine Cask plus VIP theatre seating), and are available at the Lobero Box Office, 33 E.
Beringer Blass Wine Estates recently entered the increasingly popular 3-liter premium wine cask category, with its Carmenet Winery Vintner's Collection wine cask.
Physician, Internal Medicine; Doug Marjerum, Owner, Wine Cask and Intermezzo Restaurants, and Marjerum Wine Company; Jeff Giller, EVP, Chief Operating Officer, Somera Capital Management; Joe Campanelli, Owner, President, Campanelli Construction; Harvey Bottelson, Real Estate Investor and President, James S.