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a bucket of ice used to chill a bottle of wine


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The line of double-molded, rounded acrylic pieces includes three different Stemmed Wine Glasses, two Tumblers, a Pitcher, a Wine Bucket, an Iceless Wine Cooler, and a Double Wail Insulated Ice Bucket.
We started our meal with sushi "lollipops", laughed at spring rolls set imaginatively in "bed springs", and rounded off the feast with beignettes served with melted chocolate in miniature wine buckets, and creme brulee dished up in eggshells on a mini-grass lawn.
Come the Big Day, we all gathered on stage in the ship's main theatre, dressed in our best beignettes served with melted chocolate in miniature wine buckets, and creme brulee dished up in eggshells on a mini-grass lawn.
For me it's "Are we going to have to look at giant wine buckets for weeks in the kitchen again?
Standing wine buckets are useful accessories, leaving more room on dining tables and buffets for nicely-sized tools -- small muddlers, sieves, scoops and tongs, for example -- that will have amateur bartenders looking like experts.
The house wine was nothing sensational but it was enough to quench the thirst of six girls on the town, particularly as we ended up with three wine buckets full to share.
Its retail store stocks an eclectic and ever changing variety of antiques and vintage items including small table lamps and tables, candles and candlesticks, hand painted wine buckets, wall sconces, urns and animal inspired gift ideas.
The collection, which remarkably has not suffered from corrosion, includes wine buckets, a cauldron, a flagon and an iron ladle made of copper alloy and lead alloy.
THERE are bowls, cooking pots, wine buckets, ladles.
The highlights of the sale are two giant solid silver wine buckets, worth between pounds 100,000 and pounds 150,000 for both.
At Blooms of Bressingham is everything for a stunning festive table with a wide range of tablecloths, napkins and napkin holders, candlesticks and candles, glasses, decanters , wine buckets, gold and silver plates, vases, gift bags, houseplants and lots more.
Again, every detail is spot on, with beautiful cruets and stylishly narrow wine buckets sitting elegantly atop rough hewn chunks of wood.
The items range from simple, reasonably priced but glamorous-looking tableware to more elaborate and expensive items such as crystal flutes, fancy gold china plates, crystal wine buckets and more.
Participating restaurants will receive T-shirts tabletents, postcards and wine buckets, and the most spirited restaurant in each city will be awarded a special prize, says F&W France.