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The wine was red wine, and had stained the ground of the narrow street in the suburb of Saint Antoine, in Paris, where it was spilled.
of wine highly spiced, and sweetened also with honey;
The curate smoothed matters by promising to make good all losses to the best of his power, not only as regarded the wine-skins but also the wine, and above all the depreciation of the tail which they set such store by.
A handsome dark-haired page stood at Robin's right hand to pour his wine and that of the knightly guest; while the knight marveled much at all he saw, and said within himself:
drink three cups of wine, the "Golden Valley" being the name of a garden, the owner of which enforced this penalty among his boon companions (`Gems of Chinese Literature', p.
There is our wine in bottles, and our wine in casks; the beer, the oil, and the spices, the bacon, and sausages.
In this case," replied Caderousse, "let's have some more wine.
Or will he go to Ephyra as well, for poison to put in our wine and kill us?
As to that," answered Musqueton, puzzled how to get out of the difficulty, "I must confess that to me beer is as disagreeable as wine is to the English.
It has a twang of the wine cask in it," said one, smacking his lips.
You are buying wine at a cabaret in the Place de Greve
I," said Quinine, "It's a habit of mine, I'll come with his wine.
When the two little friends obeyed the summons of the king they found him sitting at his wine with the seven members of his cabinet council; but the monarch appeared to be in a very ill humor.
The huntsman drew off the wolf's skin and went home with it; the grandmother ate the cake and drank the wine which Red-Cap had brought, and revived, but Red-Cap thought to herself: 'As long as I live, I will never by myself leave the path, to run into the wood, when my mother has forbidden me to do so.
Wine with every course, of course, being in France.