windward side

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the side toward the wind

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Some of your evergreen planting may suffer from leaf scorch - they go brown and desiccate and you might observe this only on the windward side of a plant.
3 times wider on a leeward side than on a windward side.
This result in higher wind velocities at the top or the windward side of the mountain; and lower and less turbulence in the leeward slope.
Always plant to just below the original soil mark on the stem before inserting a stake on the windward side to prevent rubbing against the support.
It can be said that coastal response to the lengthening of jetties in the sectors close to the Klaipeda port confirm the commonly recognized rule that when jetties cross the alongshore sediment migration flow in shallow sandy coastal zones sediments are accumulated on their windward side and are eroded on their lee side.
We looked at placing storage facilities on the windward side to act as "walls" and thus decrease energy need for heating the main buildings.
Put the stake on the windward side of a tree, so wind blows it away from the stake.
Put the stake on the windward side of the tree, so that the wind is blowing the tree away from the stake.
He was second across the line with Eugene Carolan-skippered Pandora within touching distance but to his windward side.
Seemingly in defiance of all laws of physics, a red-hot cluster of sparks and embers was carried aloft 1,900 vertical feet in a roiling cloud of superheated smoke and dropped onto the lee side of Christ Mountain, without singeing a single pine needle or blade of grass on the windward side.
From figure5 it can be seen at the windward side of convex B, there is nearly circle separate line, and there are two approximate symmetry vortexes Fb1 and Fb2 at the leeward side.
For whippy trees with flexible stems, you should insert a vertical stake on the windward side of the plant but for sturdierstemmed trees, it's best to put a diagonal stake on the sheltered side of the plant.
We observed up to four different Black-crowned Night Herons in February 2009 bait-fishing on five occasions in the Hamakua Marsh in the town of Kailua on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii.
However, the leeward side of the street had consistently higher concentrations of carbon monoxide than the windward side.