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Michal Lrinc, an analyst with Impact Forecasting's Catastrophe Insight team, said: "A meteorologically active January resulted in elevated windstorm losses in Europe.
Aon said that windstorm is the number one peril in Europe, causing the highest annual insured losses.
In anticipation of the event, Claims spoke with Michelle Griffin, executive director of the Windstorm Insurance Network.
On Thursday, windstorm Xaver battered Britain, Scandinavia and northern Germany with about four people killed.
WindStorm Semi-Custom Boat Covers are made with marine-grade fabric that is mildew resistant.
Shaken by the powerful windstorm, the affected tourists said they had a horrendous experience last night.
Editors Note: Scott Koedel of Don Meyler Inspections wrote an article for the September 2009 issue of Florida Underwriter entitled "Ensuring the Accuracy of Windstorm Mitigation Credits.
DAY 17 of our month-long series on the effects of new state laws and budget cuts: A flow chart to visualize the new - and complicated - claims process for the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.
The recent windstorm alongwith wind and thunderstorm and heavy rain has caused severe damage to the electricity infrastructure in Sahiwal, Bahawalpurand Multan division.
The incident happened due to the windstorm and it was disaster for the CDA, which has now taken some strict security measures in the parks.
The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA), insurer of last resort for windstorm and hail coverage in the coastal counties of Texas, and Guidewire Software have announced TWIA has selected Guidewire BillingCenter as its new billing system.
The New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association, a state-sponsored entity that serves under the C-MAP program, provides basic property coverage like fire and windstorm insurance.
The municipal authorities re-decorated Alatoo central square after the first windstorm on Saturday, but the windstorm in the night of March 16-17 damaged and tore down decorations.
As the Wenatchee area braces for the beginning of what could be a heavy snow season, some residents are still dealing with the aftermath of the January 2007 windstorm.
commercial real estate values in coastal areas still may suffer as insurance companies continue to minimize their exposure to windstorm insurance coverage, according to a special report by New York-based FitchRatings.