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a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

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Limp, lifeless windsocks fulfill neither of these criteria.
Windsock morphology was seen in 37 patients (37%), followed by chicken wing in 30 patients (30%) then cauliflower in 22 patients (20%) followed by swan neck shaped morphology in 11 patients (11%)
A new beacon and a windsock will also be put in place.
Gemma is a bit of a tomboy and when I saw her walking up the aisle I was flapping like a windsock.
Henry's standard, a kind of ornamented windsock, was one of the last instances of a military banner which had been adopted by the Roman Empire in the third century and which continued as a sign of imperial or royal dignity for centuries afterwards.
The image of the supercharged wheelchair--complete with jet engine, fat run-flat high-pressure tires, a rear airfoil, windsock, and curb feelers (for easy parking)--is part of an advertising campaign to encourage savvy wheelchair users to "pimp their ride.
Taken from the Sarmatians, the draco was a manufactured dragon head with a windsock body.
Millets is gearing up for the event on June 27-29 with a host of other gear from a rainbow fish windsock for pounds 9.
The head of that comet, where the magnetism is the most intense, is the Earth, then a huge magnetic tail stretches out directly behind the Earth, opposite the sun--like a windsock in space.
And one of the simplest "technologies" to make it happen is a windsock.
It added: "The pilot reported he flew an orbit around the planned landing site and flew an approach into wind (judged from the windsock beside the landing site).
The room features a small office area that looks like a building, adorned with a windsock, that might have been found on the NASA flight line back in the late 1940s or early 1950s.
A windsock is a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast, used to show the direction the wind is blowing.
If it were always true that the wind blew west, the Eugene Airport wouldn't need a windsock and all the trees would lean to the east like they were praying to Mecca, said Knepler, who added that his son has a serious asthma condition.
By comparison, a simple shot of a windsock changing direction to indicate a radiation cloud would head over land and kill hundreds of thousands is far more effective.