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transparent screen (as of glass) to protect occupants of a vehicle

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After Carol stopped to offer help, the crashed driver told her he'd squirted his windscreen and the water had frozen, blocking his view.
QUARRELLING squirrels, a teddy bear and a "UFO" are among the most bizarre explanations offered for windscreen cracks over the last year, according to a repair company.
For almost fifty years the company has also been a leading supplier of high impact-resistant windscreens for the rail industry.
One motorist had to have repairs after using a CD case to clear ice from his frosty windscreen, while on another cold morning a screen-clearing driver ended up stabbing his windscreen with a knife.
Forty minutes earlier, a similar sized concrete block smashed the windscreen and dented the bonnet of another car, a Vauxhall Astra, as it drove under the Fryerning Lane bridge on the A12 from London to Chelmsford.
Money pressures: The Auto Windscreens centre in Aston.
Deloitte said Auto Windscreens had been leading a recovery plan, but was hit by delays in implementing IT systems, coupled with lower-than-expected revenues in the final quarter of 2010, which led to cash flow pressures.
Most of the errant motorists were caught during the summer as many tinted their windscreens to protect themselves from the sun, said Col.
Auto Windscreens director Nigel Davies, says: "More glass is being used in the car body by designers.
Repair firm Auto Windscreens has reported record numbers of calls for help in July and August this year.
All traffic officers carry a device called a Tint Man, which measures the light coming through the windscreen.
According to RAC Auto Windscreens, the onset of summer doesn't mean we're in the clear as far as hazardous driving conditions are concerned - and the company has launched a campaign to make drivers aware of the dangers posed by the sun.
The company warns that dirty windscreens can severely impair visibility in bright sunshine.
Richard Usher, executive director of RAC Auto Windscreens believes that motorists can do a lot to help themselves get through the winter months safely.
BioGro proposals included windscreens and protective berms and an offer of an annual grant of $10,000 or the equivalent in compost to the Antelope Acres community.