windscreen wiper

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a mechanical device that cleans the windshield

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From the railways to hydro-electric power, from lightbulbs to windscreen wipers, many of the things that people take for granted now have their origins in this region.
The sponsored Mill Volvo |with the parking ticket placed under one of the windscreen wipers
Motorists who do not use screenwash for their windscreen wipers risk getting potentially deadly legionnaires' disease, according to a new study.
London, June 14 (ANI): People who don't use screenwash to clean their car's windscreen wipers risk contracting Legionnaires' disease.
From well-known objects such as the Turbinia (maritime innovation) and the Locomotion (railway ingenuity), there was also more unusual and surprising ones like a dictaphone belonging to local author, Catherine Cookson, the world's first windscreen wiper and a friction match.
It was truly a light in the black, partly because both sides of the shop's fascia had fused - and one's obscured windscreen wiper view could easily have suggested it was a laundrette.
The humble windscreen wiper yesterday celebrated its 100th birthday.
The model features a single large windscreen wiper (LHD oriented), narrow tyres and a fascia similar to the facelift Renault Duster and rear similar to the Captur crossover.
Overnight on Thursday, February 9 into Friday, February 10, a rear windscreen wiper was snapped off a car, also on Delaval Terrace.
The unusual request came on a Virgin Trains' Pendolino service from London to Manchester which developed a windscreen wiper fault in heavy rain at Rugby.
he pulled a windscreen wiper off a police car, John Archard, prosecuting, said.
Toyota is recalling the vehicles because of a potentially faulty windscreen wiper switch.
Other unusual triggers include breath spray, nail varnish fumes, dry ice and windscreen wiper fluid.
If anyone took this case to court,the council would have to repay many fines to drivers who took their children to the museum at half term as a cheap day out, until they saw the fixed penalty stuck under their windscreen wiper.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because they may have left the plant with insufficiently tightened windscreen wiper arm nuts, which could make the wipers inoperable in certain conditions.