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Synonyms for windscreen

transparent screen (as of glass) to protect occupants of a vehicle

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It was reported to police and he left a note on the car's windscreen.
Fining him PS275, District Judge Begley said: "It would be inherently dangerous driving with this level of alcohol when your windscreen was not clear and I take that into account.
45pm and a group of youths threw several eggs at the appliances some of which landed on the windscreen obscuring our view.
Officers from Sandwell, West Midlands, labelled it an "inventive" way to clean the windscreen.
GKN Aerospace will complete design and qualification of the windscreen by December 2016, with flight trials and production commencing in 2017 and full aircraft type certification scheduled for 2018.
48cm) high has the potential to cause significant restrictions to a driver's field of view, especially if it's mounted in the centre of the windscreen below a large rear view mirror.
Every chip will eventually crack, and the windscreen accounts for up to 30% of a vehicle's structural integrity, so it's important to get windscreens replaced or repaired.
Inside the van with the front windscreen almost totally obscured by building material
Impregnated with advanced anti-fogging agents, these complex chemicals prevent condensation build up on windscreens, bathroom mirrors, windows - even spectacles.
A report published in the UK Mirror (Full Report) says Britain's very own auto giant McLaren is all set to throw the windscreen wiper into history books while replacing it with technology used by fighter jets.
Andrews & Wykeham (A&W), the British hologram manufacturer and security products producer established in 2009, is targeting the vehicle registration market with Holoplate[TM] and two types of windscreen labels, one including an RFID chip.
The new SL is also the first car to be equipped with the adaptive Magic Vision Control wiper/washer system developed by Mercedes, which cleans the windscreen without the familiar splash of water that usually disrupts the driver''s field of view.
KARACHI, October 13, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The windscreen of the plane on flight from Dubai to Peshawar developed some cracks that necessitated its safe landing in Karachi.
KARACHI, October 13, 2011 (Frontier Star): The windscreen of the plane on flight from Dubai to Peshawar developed some cracks that necessitated its safe landing in Karachi.
One driver has told the Gazette howshe narrowly avoided tragedy as the windscreen of her car shattered as she travelled along the A174.