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the sill of a window

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If you use your kitchen windowsill (somewhere people spend usually lots of time) this means that regular checking is easy, accessible - and extremely enjoyable.
Staff member Elizabeth Webb, who had been observing the lesson, claimed Pupil A was not on the windowsill.
WHAT YOU NEED: Containers and old trays Weed suppressant material Seed and cutting compost Vegetable seeds (micro greens) Labels and a pencil A watering can A bright windowsill WHAT TO DO: 1.
Whether replacing damaged or worn sills or looking to use new sills to achieve a more contemporary and sophisticated look, a Siltech[R] acrylic solid surface windowsill is a wise choice.
Coriander can be sown in pots on the windowsill for a supply during autumn and winter.
Sow basil, parsley and chives in the greenhouse or on the windowsill.
STARTING OFF TOMATOES IF you're growing outdoor tomatoes from seed, sow a few seeds on a sunny windowsill now to give yourself a head start.
BirdLife Cyprus visited the CyTA headquarters in Nicosia to check out the return of a family of Kestrels, which have been nesting on an office windowsill for the past 12 years.
Sow a flowerpot full of basil seed, keeping it on a warm, sunny windowsill until seedlings appear.
The preliminary investigation shows that the boy's mother, Shanice Ashmore of Worcester, was supporting the baby while he stood on the windowsill watching a truck in an adjacent parking lot.
Thomas Cater had been watching an episode of the American series in an upstairs room at his grandparents' home in Sothall, Sheffield, when, excited by the action, he clambered onto a windowsill, leaned back and the window flew open, reports the Daily Mail.
Sow onion seed on a warm windowsill for planting out in March.