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In fact, carefully crafted school choice policies must maintain a healthy number of "parent" mentions, but these mentions should be more than merely window-dressing.
Miyazaki said he is in close contact with Kyocera and the revelation of window-dressing should not have an adverse impact on the support plan.
Philippine markets closed on a positive note this Friday and at the end first half of the 2017 in the much anticipated window-dressing session.
Kazunori Sudo, Kotobukiya's president, denied the company was involved in window-dressing.
The triple triumph was hailed as historic in Brussels - but critics claimed the first two deals were window-dressing, and the third was a ruse to keep the Treaty alive against the wishes of Irish voters.
It was the sort of window-dressing - hyping occasional goodies tossed to California - that Gray Davis practiced to obscure his failures.
Prosecutors also judged the former director in charge of the bank's accounting department as responsible for compiling financial charts related to the window-dressing maneuvers, with the former vice president overseeing such work, they said.
A window-dressing display is being organised and Colin Edwards, chairman of the local Jubilee committee will stage an exhibition of 120 of his photographs of the Queen at St Peter's Church from May 14-June 7.
Prosecutors have questioned a former chairman and a former president of the failed Nippon Credit Bank (NCB) over alleged window-dressing of a financial statement to conceal bad loans, investigation sources said Friday.
Onjack concluded, "We looked at several solutions before choosing ICC, but most of them were expensive window-dressing for traditional VAN services.
The local stock barometer firmed up on Monday, aided by some foreign buying and month-end window-dressing activities.
Celebrity window-dressing aside, the dictionary lives up to its promise of taking scary medical-ese and explaining the terms in everyday language.
Most of Fitch's interactive clients choose us because our services don't reflect the theory/practice split in the marketing services industry -- between consultancies whose real talent lies in thoroughly researched brand platforms on paper, and all the design firms and web shops offering solid interfaces with brand as mere window-dressing.
Local stocks ended a hairline higher on Monday, aided by window-dressing activities while investors across the region mulled over the impact of recent US immigration restrictions.
I'm not sure who should be more insulted by the reactions to Guerrero's hiring: Guerrero herself, who faces questions about her credentials for a window-dressing job that could be eliminated tomorrow without a single viewer noticing; or the more seasoned national sports reporters, such as ESPN's Suzy Kolber, who have been mentioned by the critics as more-qualified candidates for the position.