window washer

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someone who washes windows

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Dubai: For these professional window washers, having your life hang by a rope is all in a day's work.
Among the 8 building cleaning workers who were fatally injured, 6 were employed as window washers.
It is being presumed that the 'Bravo' star did this for the sheer amusement of the window washer.
The antique dealers plunged into fixing up the new space, refinishing the floors, pulling down the venetian blinds from the 26 12-foot windows, and hiring a window washer to make the windows sparkle.
movement of a window washer sponging suds on plate glass, then sliding
There is also a window washer, a babysitter, mail collectors and garbage recyclers.
Keep the wipers in good condition and have plenty of window washer fluid available at all times.
That meant that the grocery bill had to be scrutinized and only food reported (no soap, window washer, etc.
Not only showing us where to add oil or window washer fluid, but implicitly tell us not to touch anything else.
In December, a window washer fell dozens of stories to his death, while weeks later, a worker in Brooklyn died after falling from a 13-story building on Clinton Avenue.
Worldwide Computer Products News-31 August 2007-Webroot launches Window Washer 6.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-31 August 2007-Webroot launches Window Washer 6.
So it's easy to see why Andrew Brown's invention - a streak-free window washer - proved a success at Made in Brunel, a showcase for the most talented students of Brunel University's School of Engineering and Design.
Callum even claims that for many people, vehicle hoods are simply "the most expensive bottle tops ever because the only people who open them up are those who put water in the window washer.
George becomes a window washer, using his climbing skills to scale the skyscrapers (the story appears to be set in Manhattan).