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structural member consisting of a continuous horizontal timber forming the lowest member of a framework or supporting structure

(geology) a flat (usually horizontal) mass of igneous rock between two layers of older sedimentary rock

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Det Insp Dunn said: "Thomas then climbed into the bath and onto the window ledge, with one leg inside the window and one leg out, and threatened to jump.
After around two hours the man came down from the high-rise window ledge and was taken to a place of safety.
Heartbroken, Li slashed her wrist and then attempted to jump off the window ledge.
He had been trying to climb on the window ledge of his room and was being calmed down by Williams and another nurse when she kicked out, the conduct and competence committee of the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.
At times there had been up to three girls sitting on the window ledge, and some of them had been moving from room to room.
Vachon's two stints on the jury at Sundance allow her to expand on what she loves about film as an art form, when she's not talking a director off the window ledge after an NC-17 rating or humoring a cost-conscious line producer.
A SEAGULL trapped for six days on the fifth floor window ledge of a Liverpool city centre building was rescued by firefighters yesterday.
The so-called prospects of mankind are nothing but an empty platitude," Havel warned, "if they distract us from our particular worry about who might be killed by a third window ledge.
A handy, no-nonsense reference for everything from simple window ledge gardens to involved and complex personal plots.
The ridiculous nature of everyday things parallels with the beauty of other normal occurrences: rain bubbles in puddles, a pigeon ruffles its feathers on the window ledge and lovers playfully push each other around until they fall into a huge puddle in the middle of the road.
One boy spins a top on the window ledge, and the camera tightly frames the spinning toy for the last few seconds of the film.
Niches at the corners contain the various services; while the window - an abstract shape cut out of the pattern made by the wooden shelves - is a place where you can stand by the light and rest the opened book on the deep window ledge.
The shade pull grazed liniment bottles on the window ledge.
The company's third-generation, high-speed USB digital video camera, the DVC325 features a new portable and compact design with adhesive mounts for attachment anywhere - on a window ledge or laptop.
Plant a few pots in your garden or on your window ledge with the right plants and you can provide butter-flies, moths and other pollinating insects with a lifeline of food and shelter.