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the framework that supports a window

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But if you set the window frame at the front of the opening then it will be in front of the damp proof course, so the dampness soaks back round behind the frame and the plasterwork in the opening becomes wet.
It offers a great range of window frames made in uPVC, Timber, Aluminium with thermal insulation and combinations of Aluminium and Timber as well as uPVC and Aluminium.
Special clips that fasten to the window frame or brick veneer can be used to secure the plywood to the exterior wall.
Clean off all dirt and any loose paint from the window frame, using a damp cloth.
The small gap between the old window frame and the new insert must be caulked and hidden with molding.
Flaking paint on the external side of your window frame does not always mean the windows are ruined.
A NORTH WALES window frame manufacturer is focused on expansion after a pounds 1m plus investment The Blaenau Plastics polymer processing plant has been boosted with investment in new polymer mixing equipment.
Wearing just a bed gown, the woman climbed out of her window and waited on a narrow windowsill clinging to a scorching window frame to prevent herself from plunging 80 m to her death.
In the case of laminated glass, the window frame must support the weight and thickness of the glass for the total window system to resist impact.
When glass is broken by these forces, razor sharp shards can be flung out of the window frame, putting building occupants and passersby at risk.
HOW: To remove any lumpy, dried filler and smooth the surface back } to the window frame, use sandpaper to take away the excess filler ready for painting.
The bear "began pawing at the door and damaged the screen door, and window frame," reported DailyBee.
Glue the window frame to a Lincoln's-head penny, then glue the back of the penny to the cabin.
A full range of hand movements, including finger spreading, slides, or twists, then moves and resizes the window frame in one motion.