window dressing

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Synonyms for window dressing

a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant

the decoration of shop windows

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Technavio analysts forecast the global window dressing market to grow at a CAGR of 3.
To be absolutely clear, there is no way to know whether a particular set of flows into SPY represents a large investment from new funds, a rotation of some sort, window dressing or something else, but window dressing at the very least remains a good possibility in this particular circumstance.
Ms Short said: "She's a very attractive woman and showed it off, but it's funny to be both doing that and then accusing of being used for window dressing because she was window dressing herself, wasn't she?
6 (ANI): Caroline Flint, who resigned as Britain's Europe Minister, has accused Prime Minister Gordon Brown of using his women ministers as mere 'female window dressings.
This is a significant U-turn and shows that their attempts to portray themselves as Welsh was nothing more than window dressing.
Your content continues to be excellent, and that's why, window dressing or not, I will continue to support SJR.
She charmed by playing to the rafters -- even wearing an eye patch for the sake of historical veracity -- but that's mere window dressing when the voice is as rich and molten as this singer's.
Whether or not this window dressing helped passersby digest their lunch, it was part of a grand plan to bring Graham to the people.
People with fashion flair are needed to help with window dressing, create contemporary clothes and accessories areas and raise the profile of one-off vintage items.
But a lot of what the police do is window dressing.
Having the name of your particular state on the ID is meaningless window dressing.
We predict that the window dressing category will remain strong for the fall season," said Jane Dombrosky, design director for Waverly Home Fashions.
It was just window dressing," says Luise Dittrich, a founding member of Voice of the Faithful, a Massachusetts-based group of laity that organized in the wake of the crisis in Boston.
I don't believe in creating marketing programs that are fluffy, or window dressing to make a client look good so they can just check it off their list.
So it is difficult to see, in the often chaotic display of ecological projects, just what will really count and what is mere window dressing.