window dressing

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Synonyms for window dressing

a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant

the decoration of shop windows

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After judging the competition, managing director of Green Room Retail, Richard Ash, offered some advice on window dressing.
Addressing a conference organised by the Indian Chartered Accountants Institute ( ICAI), Mukherjee said accountants have a critical role in guarding against window dressing of balance sheets that encourage entities to take more and more risks until they are dangerously leveraged.
The former Europe Minister later accused Gordon Brown of having a two-tier Cabinet and of using women as window dressing - a claim ridiculed after the glamorous MP posed in a glossy magazine photo shoot.
Several of the women attending Cabinet, myself included, have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing," Flint wrote in her resignation letter.
Second, it shows that despite all their Welsh window dressing, they ultimately haven't changed - they are just as anti-Welsh as they always have been.
You want to scream, "But honey, you don't need all that window dressing to look beautiful, and it sends the wrong message about who you really are inside.
Still, these bits are just window dressing for Fitzgerald's real question: Why can't the institutions we give so much to--governments, religions--come together to fight a common enemy in HIV/AIDS?
As window dressing this latest "policy" is more charity shop than Debenhams.
She charmed by playing to the rafters -- even wearing an eye patch for the sake of historical veracity -- but that's mere window dressing when the voice is as rich and molten as this singer's.
Whether or not this window dressing helped passersby digest their lunch, it was part of a grand plan to bring Graham to the people.
People with fashion flair are needed to help with window dressing, create contemporary clothes and accessories areas and raise the profile of one-off vintage items.
Liz Perry (left) Kath Haines and Michelle Davies with the award Ali's Barbers won for its colourful Valentine's Day window dressing.
Having the name of your particular state on the ID is meaningless window dressing.
We predict that the window dressing category will remain strong for the fall season," said Jane Dombrosky, design director for Waverly Home Fashions.
It was just window dressing," says Luise Dittrich, a founding member of Voice of the Faithful, a Massachusetts-based group of laity that organized in the wake of the crisis in Boston.