window dresser

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someone who decorates shop windows

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So, needless to say, I didn't become a window dresser, a buyer or anyone famous, but I am proud to say that I have lasting happy memories of working together, for a little while, with some extremely, famous, brilliant Brummies at the Beehive Department Store.
He earned a master's degree from OSU, but didn't receive a tenured position, so he moved to Cleveland, supported himself as a designer and window dresser.
But a customer request for an item from the window display saw the 18-year-old window dresser dash back upstairs moments before the explosion ripped through the busy row of shops.
Sabatino first honed his chops as a window dresser and vintage buyer in New York boutiques, but his skills eventually brought him to Tokyo where his eye for detail was rewarded in the niche-obsessed capital.
A job as a trainee window dresser at Blacklers, where he met his future wife, Iris, was followed by National Service.
FANCY THAT: Malcolm, who married Liana in January, trained as a window dresser in Burnley before going to drama school at the age of 28.
She used to work as a window dresser at C and A in Manchester.
The Rootstein story began in late 1950s London, when window dresser Adel Rootstein was dissatisfied with the quality of mannequins available to her and began working with a sculptor to create more modern, realistic models.
Vantana are our favourite window dresser of late because they have such an incredible range of products, from timber Venetians to sheer Romans, and from simple rollers to gorgeous raffias, all of which represent great value.
Ann was a shop window dresser, before moving to work at GEC as a machinist.
Valerie Harper wore them as the hip window dresser Rhoda in ``The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Mr Grove, he of the lustrous ginger beard every hipster would love to own, was reportedly shot in the leg but survived, while poor dashing French window dresser Henri is suffering shell shock which no-one's yet spotted despite it being glaringly obvious (what else did Agnes think he meant when he said he'd been in hospital 'while they checked I was OK')?
Since Olthof is an architect and Suiker is a stylist and the head window dresser for the fashion label Gant, they did the planning and designing themselves.
Writer, bon-vivant, window dresser, fashion commentator Simon Doonan has worked in fashion for over 35 years.
All the staff were like a family - there was Elizabeth the window dresser, Jan and Pam.