window dresser

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someone who decorates shop windows

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Window dresser Zoe Morgan, 21, and shop assistant Lee Simmons, 34, were working together on the overnight shift
I had been working as a window dresser at BHS," she said.
Taylor's movie roles included a flamboyant window dresser in the 1987 comedy-romance ''Mannequin'' as well as ''Damien: Omen II.
I never understand why anybody would want to be an artist when they could be a window dresser," says Simon Doonan, the man who's been a window dresser--and a lot more--for some 30 years now.
25pm) | A window dresser falls for an Ancient Egyptian princess reincarnated in the form of a department store dummy which comes to life at night.
She started as a shop assistant and trainee buyer but really wanted to be a window dresser.
He earned a master's degree from OSU, but didn't receive a tenured position, so he moved to Cleveland, supported himself as a designer and window dresser.
Sabatino first honed his chops as a window dresser and vintage buyer in New York boutiques, but his skills eventually brought him to Tokyo where his eye for detail was rewarded in the niche-obsessed capital.
A job as a trainee window dresser at Blacklers, where he met his future wife, Iris, was followed by National Service.
FANCY THAT: Malcolm, who married Liana in January, trained as a window dresser in Burnley before going to drama school at the age of 28.
She used to work as a window dresser at C and A in Manchester.
The Rootstein story began in late 1950s London, when window dresser Adel Rootstein was dissatisfied with the quality of mannequins available to her and began working with a sculptor to create more modern, realistic models.
Vantana are our favourite window dresser of late because they have such an incredible range of products, from timber Venetians to sheer Romans, and from simple rollers to gorgeous raffias, all of which represent great value.
Ann was a shop window dresser, before moving to work at GEC as a machinist.
Valerie Harper wore them as the hip window dresser Rhoda in ``The Mary Tyler Moore Show.