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Synonyms for winding

Synonyms for winding

repeatedly curving in alternate directions

Synonyms for winding

the act of winding or twisting


marked by repeated turns and bends

of a path e.g.

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In [7], a 'pseudo' direct-drive machine was proposed, in which the armature windings are deployed along with the multi-pole PMs on the periphery of the modulating ring of the MG, and the modulating ring is connected to output shaft to offer low-speed rotation.
Programming of parts that were "impossible" with the usual calculation methods reportedly now can be done by converting externally calculated or experimentally generated windings.
The Chorus(tm) Motor uses new controllers and windings to substantially increase the efficiency of AC motors.
In articles [1]--[4] investigations of six-phase cage motors with asymmetrical and symmetrical stator windings supplied from multi-phase inverters are described.
5% increase of the motor output by the arrangement of the windings.
Like traditional single-phase motors, single-phase compressors contain both "start" and "run" windings, which are a series of copper wires wound around the stator, and which cause the motor to turn when energized by electricity.
Medium-range efficient power transfer can be implemented through magnetic resonant wireless power transfer (MR-WPT), where the coupled windings resonate to exchange energy efficiently [1]-[5].
4th ND, Generator, pole stator windings bottom Nos.
In this paper we have modeled transformer to perform simulation based analysis in Simulink for three windings linear transformer using various parameters.
The windings of the transformer are rated for full power of 30 MVA with any of the combination of the pair of windings and for the combined operation of all the windings with suitable loading distributed among the secondaries.
By online adjusting the connection of the two sets of windings, the fluctuation of the output voltage can be confined within an acceptable scale.
With the automated six-winding test function provided by Megger's new MTO300 series transformer ohmmeters, resistance measurements can be made on all phases and windings of a power transformer without the need to disconnect and reconnect the test leads.
Abstract: The paper describes a new universal infinitesimal method which enables the analysis and synthesis of arbitrary AC motor windings.
Former Giveamanakick frontman brand new album from Winding Today he and the Windings gan tour , kicking off on with a live Tower Records in Dublin tonigh Workman's Club, Dublin plus concert Westmeath Galway Mayo and Cavan ormer Giveamanakick frontman Steve Ryan is back with a brand new album from Windings - the first since 2005.
The practice of design and construction of HV transformer windings to withstand effects of surge voltages with steep fronts appearing at its line terminal has been to provide a surge voltage distribution controlling ring at line end which is also called as static end ring.