windfall profit

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profit that occurs unexpectedly as a consequence of some event not controlled by those who profit from it

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The use of windfall profit as a measure of ability to pay tax allowed us to "impute" corporate income and taxes to shareholders while also allowing us to isolate the effects of the TRA corporate tax reforms on tax equity.
Toni Aubynn, CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, in a phone interview with Ghana Business News, said the taxes would result in lower mining investment in the country; while Ghana Business News also reported that the Ghana Mineworkers' Union commended government for introducing the windfall profit tax, saying the union hoped the government would be resolute in its successful implementation.
At one time they thought of returning the windfall profit to Mizuho Securities, which lost some 40 billion yen on the trade, but discovered this was difficult once the transactions had been settled, the sources said.
We're asking local governments to forgo the windfall profits.
2bn and still leave Chancellor Gordon Brown with half his windfall profit.
Rarely does a reprint of the same work rise in value, but if the author goes on to great things, then that first edition might well produce a windfall profit.
DWP made a $35 million windfall profit selling surplus electricity?
15 Dm, an increase of 26 per cent, meaning BMW has been making a windfall profit of 26 per cent without lifting a finger.
Department of Water and Power boasted Wednesday that it made a $35 million windfall profit last month selling its surplus electricity.
He was helping the sports network reap a windfall profit of $796,796 in advertising money from the White House's anti-drug campaign.
It is patently clear that Ron Perelman has adopted this course to realize a windfall profit for himself at the expense of those to whom he owes a fiduciary responsibility,'' Icahn said.
This windfall profit to the first generation tenants under rent control accrues only to tenants in-place when controls were imposed.
A)nd when there are windfall profits, the government gets an additional share of 60 percent when the windfall is over 50 percent,' it added.
Thus, the taxation on operating IOCs' windfall profits were replaced by a skimming tax applied to beneficiaries of tax deductions on additional income.
The aviation sector is expected to generate windfall profits from being included in the EU's Emissions Trading System (ETS).