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It is difficult to understand how the State has managed to maintain custody of items as small as fingernail clippings, while apparently losing something as large as a man's windbreaker jacket.
As part of its series, World's Greatest sought to identify a noteworthy environmental structure and, after a careful selection process, chose to feature Foulath's windbreaker fence from among a number of shortlisted projects from around the world.
Plants have been selected which suit the local habitat, act as windbreakers and curb desertification.
A lightweight, waterproof windbreaker or a breathable soft shell set are available for cold, rainy ways.
When worn in conjunction with a waterproof windbreaker, they can provide a rain suit that protects while allowing a good range of motion of the arms and shoulders.
Provenzano, his hair grey and wearing a windbreaker and tinted glasses, glanced to the side at one point but made no audible comment.
He also plead guilty to one count of theft for posing as a military officer at a CFB Winnipeg clothing store in order to get a windbreaker for a military parade.
She always appears wearing the same pleated Windbreaker zipped up to the neck--a style that might coincide with "retro" fashion, but only inadvertently, in the manner that a broken clock is right twice a day.
Usually I'm up at dawn, slipping into my sneakers and a windbreaker, heading out for a walk.
He favors a windbreaker bearing the name of his brother's construction company, and he, too, has a resume to match his persona.
Takes everything off, adds a vest, puts the sweater back on, and moves the windbreaker to the outside layer.
Running now, new TV advertising for Muller Corner features people of all ages and from all walks of life sitting in a corner enjoying their favourite flavour, The corners in the ad range from a street corner to an office corner to a windbreaker corner,
Rather than donning the trademark green jacket awarded in the PGA's Masters, the mini-golf champion sports a windbreaker.
Circuit City: Sirius SRS Sportster Receiver and Dock with free NFL customer windbreaker, $149.
The original N&M windbreaker that Davidson and Mangan introduced in 2001 was made of a water-resistant cotton fabric called Ventile.