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used especially of trees

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He added: "Over the years, a large build up of sand has accumulated and now comes right to the top of the secondary sea wall, which encourages windblown sand entering the area towards the properties of West Shore.
The highlight of America's 100th Meridian is the full-color photography of everything from railroad crossings to windblown fields, farm animals, roadside shrines, panoramic sunsets and much more.
Appropriately, a large portion of these small canvases is given over to sunlight and windblown clouds: Sunlight was the agent for bleaching the linen and the air for drying it.
Of course, the red states, with their wide-open, windblown expanses, read much larger on a map than the blue states, which huddled for warmth up around the northeast comer.
Doris Humphrey, wearing a red dress, skips and skitters with a windblown lightness.
In the Sistan basin shared by Afghanistan and Iran, windblown dust and sand have buried more than one hundred villages.
Dancing with Aunt Janey" is one of the many poems where jazz becomes the canvas upon which the poet paints a portrait of his early life, where people are forces of nature: "Aunt Janey, in a tight black dress on New Years Day, / was doing the shimmy and dancing / the black bottom / as her enormous buttocks whipped about / like the black and starless night sky / in late, windblown March.
10] data and to eliminate influences such as windblown dust led to a high number of cities in the northeastern quadrant of the country.
of Waterford, Michigan, is a weatherproof cover that protects from windblown dust, rain, splashing water, ice damage, and corrosion.
The dark spots on three crater floors are probably dune fields of windblown dust.
She's been introduced to environmentalism and helps us identify, find, save, and protect windblown seedlings," Carl says.
And sometimes it happens that a windblown seed will bury itself in the aural canal displacing equilibrium.
It's the point when windblown particles of soil are either blown back to earth or kept aloft," he says.
Seal-It Flashing has superior adhesion qualities and is the only flashing that passed hurricane-level windblown rain tests.
Cover lower down is patchy at Cairngorm and high pistes are very hard and windblown.