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Synonyms for windbag

Synonyms for windbag

a boring person who talks a great deal about uninteresting topics


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I called to him that Osama bin Laden was a miserable low-life scumbag, and he yelled back that Paul Martin is a rich, good-for-nothing, lying windbag.
She was a skinny, spacey, frail little thing, dutifully supporting her windbag platypus-faced husband, Paul Crouch.
More conventional doc footage - interviews with neighbors (though, the better to immerse us in Darger's worldview, no windbag art critics), shots of his crumbling Chicago neighborhood - is interspersed.
Russell was a Victorian in his penchant for letter-writing and whether one regards him as a towering philosophical genius or a rather unpleasant windbag these letters will be an invaluable addition to the literature about him.
164) Harris is, however, overly contemptuous of the celebrated influence of Frederick Winslow Taylor, whom he treats as little more than a windbag, obsessed with fashioning the myth of his own importance (unlike, I would protest, the leaders of the MMA, who welcomed Taylor as a guest speaker and introduced various practices he advocated into their own firms--selectively to be sure).
Pet hate is that eloquent windbag, Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, who looks like he is on his tenth swig of mouthwash before he leaves the flat in the morning.
In You Can't Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum, the yellow balloon's frenetic adventures are told without any text in sketchy line drawings with color used only for the actors involved in chasing the erratic windbag.
How on earth did she ever manage to appease that over-caffeinated windbag in the next office?
I feel the same empathy as one of your letter writers in condemning the 'oh so smug' windbag whose hindsight on the ill-fortunes which have befallen off-the-plan buyers in the appallingly handled Marina West fiasco, is beyond belief.
Solemnly regurgitating fact-sheet info like an even more verbose version of the BBC's Welsh windbag Huw Edwards.
There is nothing wrong with adverts but couldn't they be shown at the commencement and conclusion of every fight instead of that windbag Rosenthal or the bore of the century Barry McGuigan?
The Government talks a good deal about sustainable this and sustainable that, particular when they are in full windbag mode over climate change.
The most annoying to me is that pompous, bragging windbag, Michael Winner, and, of course, June Whitfield telling all pensioners that 20p per day will save our relatives our funeral expenses.
Whereas an ageist world was happy to embrace anti-Establishment anger expressed by an articulate 26-year-old, the same ranting individual was regarded as a boring old windbag 35 years later.
Starting off on the wrong foot with an aged Ptolemy (Anthony Hopkins) - a trusted Alexander general who set himself up as Pharaoh of Egypt following the 33-year-old emperor's untimely death - narrating reams of windbag exposition, the movie ricochets between freak show and deadening discourse for the next nearly three tedious hours.