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Synonyms for windbag

Synonyms for windbag

a boring person who talks a great deal about uninteresting topics


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These are the same people who lost Scotland, the same who lost Labour the last two elections, and then, to top it off, they roll out the Welsh windbag - no I don't mean the useful dupe Owen Smith - I mean Kinnock.
The second to be pilloried was Neil Kinnock, who was labelled the ginger-haired Welsh windbag who had problems walking.
I feel the same empathy as one of your letter writers in condemning the 'oh so smug' windbag whose hindsight on the ill-fortunes which have befallen off-the-plan buyers in the appallingly handled Marina West fiasco, is beyond belief.
Lofty tweeted us to say: "We certainly don't want that windbag for king.
Solemnly regurgitating fact-sheet info like an even more verbose version of the BBC's Welsh windbag Huw Edwards.
And then she had the good grace to enjoy her win without suggesting that it had made any difference to how her preparations would go for the main event in Stretford - and without even mentioning that she had proved her point to some old windbag.
The most annoying to me is that pompous, bragging windbag, Michael Winner, and, of course, June Whitfield telling all pensioners that 20p per day will save our relatives our funeral expenses.
Starting off on the wrong foot with an aged Ptolemy (Anthony Hopkins) - a trusted Alexander general who set himself up as Pharaoh of Egypt following the 33-year-old emperor's untimely death - narrating reams of windbag exposition, the movie ricochets between freak show and deadening discourse for the next nearly three tedious hours.
The legendary Greek hero Achilles is depicted as petulant and self-centered, and Agamemnon is a foolish windbag.
The history of Haiti is a history of horrible brutality" intoned neo-con windbag Michael Barone of U.
The government is full of windbag bureaucrat jobs where we could drastically cut the salaries and the cause of good government would never miss a beat.
Earlier this week the Manhattanbased billionaire announced Windbag Trump's opposition to an offshore windfarm in sight of his golf he had engaged top planninlaw FROM ANY ABERDEEN BRANCH .
Ex-Marseille boss Rolland Courbis fumed: "i've nicknamed Evra The Windbag - the moment a microphone appears, he hogs it.
When the irritating alien-faced windbag arrived at this year's Grammy's, she tried to steal the show by having her staff claim she would "emerge from the womb" when the time was right to perform her song.
Windbag I AM often baffled about the traffic calming measures.