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Synonyms for windage

the retarding force of air friction on a moving object

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the space between the projectile of a smoothbore gun and the surface of the bore of the gun

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exposure to the wind (as the exposed part of a vessel's hull which is responsible for wind resistance)

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the deflection of a projectile resulting from the effects of wind

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Windage and elevation adjustments are still quarterinch click with stop-to-stop ranges of 80 inches for the 2-8X, 60 inches for the 3-12X and 40 inches for the 4-16X.
This sight comes with three mounting holes for a wide range of vertical adjustments, a micro-adjust windage unit for pinpoint accuracy, and a light for extreme brightness.
The reticle is powered by a CR2450 battery and features an extended illumination area, 2/10-mil windage hold-off lines, 1/2mil holdover lines, and 1/10-mil ranging brackets for precise distance ranging.
Dennis Sammut's has a crosswire with mil hash marks for windage, plus 13 horizontal wires a half mil apart below the main intersection.
Offered in blued or stainless, features include "Strike Two" capability, a new trigger safety, balanced spring pressure, low-profile adjustable rear sights for windage and elevation, ambidextrous magazine release and Picatinny rail.
American made, this all-steel sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation and has a deep-blue finish.
The AK100 is windage adjustable using the AK front sight post for elevation adjustment and has an AR compatible dual leaf flip aperture that allows for a dual range zero.
Other features found on both models include a built-in arrow holder on the launcher to keep arrows from falling off in the up and down position, independent windage and vertical adjustments, universal mounting holes, and black anodized or class III hard coat finish.
The Laser Grips should be adjusted accordingly, using the built-in, enclosed windage and elevation calibration adjustments inside the replacement grips.
Features include 6061 aluminum construction, second- and third-axis leveling, micro-click windage and elevation adjustments, a glow-ring for low-light conditions and a bubble level.
Windage is adjusted by using a non-marring punch to drift the sight left or right for windage.
The ZA 3 and ZA 5 riflescopes feature German SCHOTT AG glass, fully multicoated lens elements, precise windage and elevation adjustments, wide variable zoom ranges and are argon-purged to prevent fogging and corrosion.
5-MOA or 7-MOA dot size and is adjustable for elevation or windage with 1-MOA click adjustments.
Other features include a built-in bubble level, gang windage and elevation adjustments, a fluorescent-green aiming ring for proper peep alignment, a reversible offset extension bar, and a reversible windage slide.
He would bend the front sight to correct windage and file it to correct elevation.