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We are thrilled to have Altered Reality Entertainment feature these exclusive Star Wars tin wind-ups at Rhode Island Comic Con," said Paul Weingard, President of Schylling Inc.
As professionals joining Mercer s wind-up team, we are committed to ensuring continuity and excellence of client service, said Sharon Carew, Associate Partner with PwC.
He may have quit radio last year, but next week you will be able to hear his best wind-ups again thanks to a CD hitting the shelves on November 7.
Kris Commons was last season's stand-out example of a wind-up merchant gone off the rails when he said Celtic were "younger, fitter and better" than Rangers in the closing stages of the title race that ended in disaster for the Hoops at Inverness.
The wind-ups on this road trip came thick and fast and no one escaped - even co-boss Mikey Lawson was duped.
There was confusion in the camp yesterday about whether the game was on or off after a string of wind-ups.
I've heard a few stories about the gaffer being a wind-up merchant but I wouldn't want to divulge that information
Probably the biggest wind-up merchant I've met was a team-mate at Sheffield United, Willie Downs.
But staff who dreamed up the wind-up scored a spectacular own goal - they had no idea that Jayne suffers from extreme claustrophobia.
They know I had a long spell with United so I might have some wind-ups on Sunday.
But Wenger claims he has never been distracted by his y sparring partner's wind-ups and says he is worried only about the football, not the flak.
FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER Channel 4, 10pm Robert Popper's award-winning comedy populated by the accomplished cast of Simon Bird, Tom Rosenthal, Tamsin Greig and Paul Ritter continues as brothers Adam and Jonny once again return to their parents' house for their traditional Friday night dinner of soup, chicken and crimble crumble - plus massive sideorders of wind-ups and bickering.
On the menu for the first of the new run is soup, chicken and crimble crumble - plus large sideorders of wind-ups and lots of domestic bickering.
We chat on Twitter and stuff but there will be no cheeky wind-ups before the game because his patter is rotten really
The Newcastle defender is usually the main man when it comes to wind-ups in the Toon dressing room.