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a structure resembling a tunnel where air is blown at known velocities for testing parts of aircraft

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Contract award: Wind tunnels related project POSCCE-A2-O2.
Professor Michael Friswell, Professor of Aerospace Structures at Swansea University's College of Engineering, said: "We are thrilled with the investment in the cutting-edge wind tunnel facility, as it will not only improve the prospects of securing additional research grant funding, but it enables the College of Engineering to develop new aerospace R&D collaborations with current and future industrial partners.
It's much safer to learn the control of it in the wind tunnel before they take it out of a plane.
para]]The university provides members of the media access to the wind tunnel just once a year.
Force India stated that its own wind tunnel will remain operational and 'available for external customers'.
TECHNIQUE A hose checks out how streamlined a Fiesta is in a wind tunnel
Last month, engineers started wind tunnel tests at QinetiQ's facility in Farnborough, U.
Optional accessories such as the HP-97[TM] heat slug and WTC-100[TM] wind tunnel controller are available for maximizing the full capability of the CWT-100[TM].
A wind tunnel is a tool used in aerodynamic research to study the effects of air moving past solid objects.
A wind tunnel test was performed to examine the flow resistance characteristics of a window/door under different opening angles.
AEDC has other facilities, such as Hypersonic Wind Tunnel 9 in White Oak, Md.
Therefore, in the classic wind tunnel with a relatively short test section, which length are in the range of 3-4 m, the vertical wind profile simulation is obtained in an artificial way using passive systems (rods, nets, grids, etc.
Within just eight years he took the brave step of adding a 25%-scale wind tunnel to his growing business, particularly notable for being the first one in Italy to have a rolling road.
Woodcock and Wilson, of Crosland Hill, helped the team from the Gryphon School in Dorset to build a wind tunnel to test their design for the F1 in the Schools World Championships in Malaysia.
A prototype has passed a durability test in a wind tunnel and Japan's space agency adopted it yesterday for feasibility studies.