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a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

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Wind socks that jerk and whip around or suddenly and dramatically change direction--up to and including a 180-degree reversal and back again--should be taken as concrete signs of gusty conditions.
Hall Green certainly had one of those during their Friday lunchtime BAGS meeting when one of the races was declared void after the wind sock was wrenched off by the high winds at the third bend.
The jacket had all the figure-hugging shape of a wind sock and the stiff, unforgiving shoulders resembled American football pads.
Wind Sock Race 1 Fair Grounds Comes off a decent debut at Churchill, and trainer has 20 per cent strike-rate with such horses.
The aircraft reportedly hit a member of the local aviation club who was riding a bicycle to the other end of the airfield to fetch a wind sock.
The fey breezes of our "culture wars" continue to blow, in other words, and you don't need a wind sock, either, to suss out their direction.
Question: There's an orange wind sock in the Union Pacific Railroad yard, about a quarter-mile west of the Chambers Street-Northwest Expressway intersection.
Author of over 50 books on Arthurian legend, John Matthews, says: ``If you look at some of the medieval paintings you see that Arthur is carrying a banner which is the head of a red dragon and a long wavy tail which is like a wind sock and exactly the same dragon as the Sarmatians used.
The multi- coloured fish is a wind sock,but I haven't got a garden so I hung it in here instead because I like the colours.
2: What does a white, triangular sign with a red border, featuring a wind sock, mean?
I chirp as I unwrap a four-foot rainbow wind sock from my mother's well-meaning college roommate.
Built by Dinky for a laugh, it had a fuel gauge as reliable as a wind sock.
Tenders are invited for Development of hubli airport construction of inspection chamber for cable crossings hard standing with paver blocks near papi arp wind sock cooling pit concertina coil near old ndb building at hubballi airport
The gallery features a small office area that looks like a building, adorned with a wind sock, that might have been found on the flight line back in the late 1940s or early 1950s.
Other examples are the Bramich hare (which resembled a railway truck, now thankfully discarded) and the silent Swaffham mechanism (with a bare wind sock insultingly portrayed as the 'hare').