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weather map showing the frequency and strength of winds from different directions

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However, the wind rose and waves rose with them, and it began to rain.
Contract award notice: operating market primary thermal installations from 2016 to 2028, with energy supply, with full guarantee and work - neighborhoods wind rose / wild cherry trees / ponds in aulnay-sous-bois.
If there is thermal advection, this will produce backing or veering with height, and which may be predominant in certain areas and can be determined from the climatological wind rose for a given station.
com)-- Sydney author and resident, Artur (Arthur) Paskar, has published “Excel Pies and Other Recipes to Make Your Data More Digestible,” a 299-page guide that shows how to create all charts available in Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010 as well as how to create waterfall charts, wind rose diagrams and other custom charts.
She said: "The course was playable when we started but then the wind rose and play was not possible on the exposed holes close to the sea.
Forecasters warned there would be icy driving conditions and "horizontal snow" as the wind rose to 55mph.
It has outdoor wireless sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure, a wind rose for wind speed and direction, and a rain measure.
Horn Concerto, Mad Regales, Tintinnabulation, Wind Rose, Sound Fields, On Conversing with Paradise, Retracing, Clarinet Quintet, Figment V, La Musique, Retracing III, Due Duetti, Figment III, Figment IV, Poems of Louis Zukofsky, Retracing II.
Further, to show the information about the distributions of wind speeds, and the frequency of the varying wind directions, one may draw a so-called wind rose on the basis of meteorological observations of wind speeds and wind directions.
We hypothesize, from the results of the synoptic composites, that anomalous sources of warm or cold air might be seen through monthly wind rose frequencies.
Amritsar/Shimla, Jan 6 (ANI): Strong cold wind rose in the North India after snowfall in the upper reaches of the country.
An agreement to sell two MD83 aircraft to Wind Rose Aviation, a charter airline based in Kiev, Ukraine, has been completed by Global Aircraft Solutions Inc (Global Aircraft) (OTCBB:GACF.
The probability density function for wind directions is simply the classical wind rose (combined, if necessary, with the frequency of calm situations).
Overnight leader John Peters, a former assistant at Southerndown had the misfortune to play in the afternoon when the wind rose considerably and he slipped to a one over par 71 but still stayed in contention, only fours strokes behind Bebb.