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This wind instrument is depicted on the emblem and flag of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
The xylophone, claves and wind instruments have been painstakingly carved from ice blocks extracted from a frozen lake, and are now part of a finger-numbing performance at the 13th Ice Music Festival in the mountain village of Finse.
Now doctors, writing in the journal Thorax, have warned pipers and players of other wind instruments of the potential hazard they have labelled "bagpipe lung".
Playing a wind instrument places exacting functiona1 demandz on the 1ipz, jawz, tongue and teeth.
Chloe, the principal flautist in the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, told the ECHO: "I have asthma and the doctors recommended I start playing a wind instrument because it would help my lung capacity improve.
Carol herself plays a wide range of wind instruments and is a graduate of Huddersfield School of Music and Manchester University.
The cornetto was a popular wind instrument in Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque times, but eventually fell into disuse (it's hard to play, for one thing).
Washington, March 19 ( ANI ): Researchers have published a paper that uncovers the origin and cause of an extreme space weather event that occurred on July 22, 2012, at the sun and generated the fastest solar wind speed ever recorded directly by a solar wind instrument.
Prominent Chinese musician, Anlin Xu, performed a number of tunes on a traditional Chinese wind instrument called a hulusi as well as a bamboo flute.
For all of us who've laboured under the misapprehension that a flute is a flute is a flute, the Raas Rang festival, which begins in the Capital next Thursday, is set to change the way we've been looking at the wind instrument.
Wind Instrument struggled for consistency last season but still managed to pick up a reasonable handicap chase at Sandown off just a 3lb higher mark than today's rating of 126, and now that the stable appears to have turned the corner, he may be able to go on and achieve better things this season.
Most had dogs, I had a recorder - a wind instrument my son briefly flirted with at primary school.
1 : the sound made by a wind instrument <the blast of a whistle>
CHILDREN are taking their first step towards becoming young musicians by learning to play the ocarina - an eggshaped wind instrument with finger holes.
Stuart Pearce's wife Elizabeth was on hand to receive the trophy after her horse Wind Instrument had made all the running to win under Richard Johnson.