wind exposure

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exposure to the wind (as the exposed part of a vessel's hull which is responsible for wind resistance)


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As part of the urban renewal of the Miramas districts, and the prefiguration protocol that specifies the studies to be carried out, the metropolis needs to carry out an energy feasibility study and solar and wind exposure.
While in the mentioned area all the upwind altitudes are effective in wind shelter or wind exposure.
For example, adequate soil oxygenation, wind exposure and heat-reflecting properties of soil surfaces and surroundings can all dramatically affect a plant's ability to tolerate heat, even when you can supply all the moisture it needs.
Therefore, we decided to reduce our earthquake and wind exposure in the U.
The line, which debuted in May at select sports retailers including Foot Locker, includes sunscreen with anti-sting technology, a vitamin lip balm, a long-lasting anti-friction cream, a restorative foot gel and a body gel for post sun and wind exposure.
Solar panels are OK but wind turbines have atrocious load factors, especially if they are not in positions of maximum wind exposure like our beautiful mountains and hills.
For storage piles, the city notes that watering with spray bars, hoses and water trucks can be a first line of defense, as can three-sided storage barriers that will greatly reduce the amount of wind exposure for stored materials.
Pterygia also may develop if sun and/or wind exposure is chronic during the early years of life.
Protect her lips from sun and wind exposure to help keep outbreaks at bay -- and make springtime fun.
Grow tubes help minimize excess wind exposure on the plant's leaves.
The beds have more wind exposure, which dries them faster.
In the period March-April 1988, we attached a 3 cm long cotton thread to the crest, just behind the animal's head, to refine the wind exposure measurement.
Underwriting initiatives have included rate adjustments, credit scoring, increased monitoring of wind exposure by county and rating class as well as physical inspections.
the equipment shall be 108 sunpower spr-e20-327 com panels, mounted at a 10 degree angle, south orientation using a sunlink mounting system, engineered to 110 mph, wind exposure c and for seismic zone 4, anchored to the existing roof structure, with 3 phase inverters.
Aspen Insurance Holdings' chief executive says the insurer is reducing its earthquake and wind exposure in the U.