wind exposure

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exposure to the wind (as the exposed part of a vessel's hull which is responsible for wind resistance)


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While in the mentioned area all the upwind altitudes are effective in wind shelter or wind exposure.
for hurricane and wind exposure in the United States and Europe.
Whether addressing wind exposure from hurricane, tornado, or microburst, the insurance industry is in a unique position to apply its loss control expertise to help tame wind losses and can use its past experience in addressing the fire peril as a guide.
Of course it is possible that Blaen Bowi has a particularly favourable wind exposure and is newer, so I compared it with an 'identical twin' windfarm at Moel Maelogan in the Conwy Valley.
Soil conditions, light levels and wind exposure are basic considerations, and this, combined with your floral expectations, provides the remit for plant selection.
Oakley eyewear offers superior visual fidelity for true, accurate vision that improves concentration and mental focus, reduces eyestrain and squinting, and enhances relaxation by reducing wind exposure and filtering out harsh glare.
The research project is measuring energy consumption in three, two-story homes of similar size (2,400 to 2,500 square feet) on similar lots with similar solar and wind exposure.
24 billion of Euro wind exposure scheduled to mature in the first six months of 2012, Willis says that this trend of non-U.
The starting lineup for MISSION Product(TM) includes a no-sweat sunscreen with SPF 30 and anti-aging technology, a vitamin lip balm with SPF 20, a long lasting anti-friction cream, a restorative foot gel and a after-sun revive gel for post sun and wind exposure.
Furthermore, earthquake and wind exposure presents the potential for a single catastrophic loss for Real State that could effectively exhaust more than 46% of its surplus.
The result was a significant reduction in probable maximum loss, wind exposure, as well as commercial and residential policies.
wind exposure, transactions coming to market in late April or May faced more challenging market conditions, which in some cases resulted in concessions being made by protection buyers with respect to deal size and spread levels.
In addition to computer use, 42 percent of dry eye sufferers surveyed reported on-the-job exposure to particles or dust in the air, 40 percent reported on-the-job wind exposure and 25 percent report prolonged on-the-job driving.
Two catastrophe bond transactions are currently planned for the third quarter of 2009: one with European wind exposure and one with U.
The MISSION Product lineup includes a sunscreen with SPF 30 and anti-sting technology, a vitamin lip balm with SPF 20, a long-lasting anti-friction cream, a restorative foot gel and a revive body gel for post sun and wind exposure.