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a decorative arrangement of pieces of metal or glass or pottery that hang together loosely so the wind can cause them to tinkle

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A GRANDAD was left incensed when a council officer turned up to order him to take his wind chimes down.
It was a windy season in Canada at that time and I nearly got blown off the balcony, trying to put up the wind chime.
London, Jan 1 (ANI): Noisy wind chimes have topped Britain's 20 most-hated garden accessories list.
Recycled bottles are cleaned, sorted, fired in a kiln, some of the pieces are painted, and all are strung on weathered wood, also recycled, and made into delightful, very musical, wind chimes.
Sending around officers to listen to a tiny wind chime is a waste of taxpayers money.
I wonder if other visitors to the cemetery appreciate what was once a peaceful and pleasant place to visit, but is now festooned with noisy wind chimes and piles of toys?
One stole a wind chime while I took an item from our window display for another customer; another insisted to our busy cashier that she had tendered a pounds 20 note when, in fact, it had been a pounds 10; a third took a porcelain figurine from a shelf.
00 Warwick, 1m Jockey Mark Halford Trainer Tony Newcombe (pictured) Forecast SP 3-1Why this is significant Wind Chime bids to win this race for the third successsive year.
A major source of critical conflict between them is Marguerite Duras, whose India Song strikes a deep, vibrant gong for him and is a mosquito batting against a wind chime for his wife.
In addition to Sharper Image's core of 20 popular sounds, the added 30 selections allowed for imaginative sounds such as Biker, Hair Dryer, Pink Noise and every kind of wind chime imaginable.
1) Shop owner Garry Bowie shows off a greeting card that comes with a miniature wind chime.
It allowed parents to place a single wind chime or small windmill on their child's grave in the children's sections of Acklam, Thorntree and Thorntree RC cemeteries, along with soft toys and similar items.
WIND CHIME, a half-brother to Jersey Stakes winner Membership, kept the family flag flying as he landed the featured mile handicap under an enterprising ride from apprentice Robert Miles.