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Synonyms for willowy

Synonyms for willowy

slender and graceful


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Let's face it, how many willowy, blonde micro-biologists with incredible personalities could there be in this world, and how the hell did she find Ryan?
Synopsis: This wickedly funny and precisely observed psychodrama tells the story of a model Swedish family -- handsome businessman Tomas, his willowy wife Ebba and their two children -- on a skiing holiday in the French Alps.
As the stems lengthen, the tightly packed inflorescence pulls itself from the fattened stems, lengthening and shaking itself out until the long panicles are released and shake their willowy heads.
I feel about 43, a willowy blonde 43 years old with long legs" Dame Judi Dench.
Well, this promising but drab low-budget London-set drama follows dancer Oriel (Arionel Vargas) as he pursues Eva (Cindy Jourdain), a sullen, willowy blonde who catches his eye in Camden Town.
of dust in the eye it was that special pose captured from a willowy poem
Willowy blonde Poppy, 25, has a figure to die for but this Emilia Wickstead silky mini dress is doing its best to make us think otherwise.
WITH her willowy figure and ethereal face, Uma Thurman has never really felt like one of us mere mortals.
Although more robust than Gonz[sz]lez's own willowy six-string workouts, its slightly proggy vibe and Krautrock-style motorik beats make for one colossal chill-out sesh amongst the minimalist IKEA decor.
The 38-year-old mother of two, who is famous for her natural looks and willowy frame, maintains she will never indulge in cosmetic "gimmicks", with breast enhancement being the only exception.
Bronx-set "Gun Hill Road" finds a father returning home from prison to discover his now-teenaged son is a willowy transgender person who hopes one day to make the full surgical switch.
Although a full-timer on the Asian Tour, willowy Kang is an American national who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been a good player for a long time without hitting the headlines.
Chris Hayward is a suitably saucy Dame Rita Crusoe, Cullercoats-born Phil Corbitt is a dastardly Blackheart the Prince, Kathryn Rooney is a pretty Magical Mermaid, Natalie Winsor is a willowy Girl Friday and the little girls from Marron Theatre Arts give them all a lesson in immaculate dancing.
Nylund and Gambill, both tall--she willowy and tall--looked as if they'd just stepped from the pages of an Arthur Rackham-illustrated fairy tale.
Curiously, the cover of Vanity Fair magazine marking her 50th birthday shows a svelte, flawlessly-skinned, willowy figure that owes more to a classic Hollywood beauty in her prime than the gutsy, androgynous chanteuse.