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Synonyms for willfully

of one's own free will

Synonyms for willfully

in a willful manner


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According to LSK, the actions by the said state officers willfully and recklessly violated the oath and solemn affirmation of due execution of the office of CS and state officer that they each individually took to obey, respect and uphold the constitution.
A spokesman for NAB said that the accused willfully default electricity bills for several years.
She admitted willfully neglecting male and female patients who were "lacking capacity".
It is alleged that between November 1 and December 14 last year that he willfully accessed information when not authorised to do so and passed it on and discussed it with a named woman.
As part of the plea, Williams agreed to admit in writing to all of the essential elements of the charged crimes, including that he unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly evaded taxes by filing false and fraudulent tax returns on which he failed to disclose his interest in the ALQI accounts, in exchange for a sentence reduction.
In our view, no litigant can avail of any discretionary remedy from the court by willfully and flagrantly disobeying the orders of the court.
Defendant) willfully failed to render "reasonable assistance" to the injured person if such treatment appeared to be necessary or was requested by the injured person.
A pattern of conduct was exhibited among many individuals to remain willfully ignorant of the potential consequences'' of Foley's untoward behavior, the report said.
Crown Prosecution Service guidelines for magistrates say this charge refers to public officers who willfully neglect to perform their duty or willfully misconduct themselves, amounting to an abuse of the public's trust.
as the willfully mute, Nietzsche-obsessed son; and natural newcomer Abigail Breslin as the pageant-obsessed daughter.
Wang was not only escorted off the grounds by uniformed Secret Service agents, as might be expected, but also, according to ABC, she was charged with "knowingly and willfully intimidating, coercing, threatening or harassing .
The bill would make it a crime to enter a secure area of a seaport under false pretenses, forcibly interfere with an authorized law enforcement action, provide false information during a boarding, or willfully disable a passenger vehicle.
The common theme of the wide range of human blindness--from literally being unable to see to willfully refusing to see what lies before one--permeates these often dark verses, sometimes brooding and anxious, sometimes laced with black humor.
IRC section 6672 imposes a penalty equal to the total amount of any federal payroll (trust fund) tax any person willfully evades, fails to collect or does not account for and pays over.
a financial services firm, had willfully violated the copyrights of Lowry (NL/NL 10/16/03).