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large North American shorebird of eastern and Gulf Coasts

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Here he came to a dead stop, and made so long a pause that even John Willet grew impatient and asked why he did not proceed.
amp;nbsp; 631-641 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge Accippio Technologies leased 5,000 square feet of industrial space at 631-641 Old Willets Path in Hauppauge.
to carry out some early engineering and planning work for an AirTrain that would link LaGuardia Airport with the Willets Point station.
Alvechurch opened up a three-point lead at the top after new signing Jamie Willets marked his debut with a lastminute winner against nineman Coventry United.
Tony Avella, City Club of New York, Queens Civic Congress, members of Willets Point United Inc.
Gary Willets, who walks his dog on the beach, is frustrated that nothing has been done.
It will feature the talents of Damon Willets, who will perform an hour-long varied programe of music on the 135-year-old Forster & Andrews grand organ.
One of FiNY's first projects has involved scrutinizing plans for the development of Willets Point, a 62-acre peninsula on the Flushing River in Northern Queens, that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called a "valley of ashes.
Osborne was said to have been convinced of the plan's merits by David Willets, the science minister, both because of the money that will be spent in Britain, and due to the project's vast scope.
Hayley Willets, 21, gave up her savings and valuables when a knifeman stormed into her flat and appeared to try to stab boyfriend Gavin Fowler in the head.
In a 20-minute-long ordeal, Hayley Willets lost her mobile phone, television, DVD player, the last PS5 in her purse and a gold bracelet from her wrist which her late grandmother had given her.
Additionally, the Engineer Depot was moved from West Point to a new home at Willets Point, New York.
com) CEO, Terry Neal, has said that he fully supports the position David Willets described in a speech at Europe's biggest Information Security trade show last week.
David Willets, The Pinch: How the Baby Boomers Took Their Children's Future - and Why They Should Give It Back, Atlantic 2010
submitted a Request for Proposals for the first phase of development of Willets Point today, and wants developers' submissions, due Aug.