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Synonyms for wile

to pass (time) without working or in avoiding work

Synonyms for wile

the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)

References in classic literature ?
he from heav'ns highth All these our motions vain, sees and derides; Not more Almighty to resist our might Then wise to frustrate all our plots and wiles.
To be thus blocked by nature, who had had all the arts and wiles of cunning man pitted against him, seemed a cruel fate, and as I staggered back into the warmth of the tunnel's end I was as near hopelessness as I ever have been.
Now, Reynold Greenleaf," quoth the Sheriff, "thou art the fairest hand at the longbow that mine eyes ever beheld, next to that false knave, Robin Hood, from whose wiles Heaven forfend me
With growing admiration came a feeling of quick pity for the hapless situation of the great brute rendered futile and helpless by the wiles of the Gomangani.
Little did poor Doctor Walker imagine as he sat at his breakfast-table next morning that the two sweet girls who sat on either side of him were deep in a conspiracy, and that he, munching innocently at his muffins, was the victim against whom their wiles were planned.
I, WHO erewhile the happy Garden sung By one man's disobedience lost, now sing Recovered Paradise to all mankind, By one man's firm obedience fully tried Through all temptation, and the Tempter foiled In all his wiles, defeated and repulsed, And Eden raised in the waste Wilderness.
The mallet hand of Edward, however, had shattered all the schemes and wiles of the plotter.
While it packed the socialist meetings with mad enthusiasm, it was impervious to the wiles of the old- party politicians.
You are a young gentleman, and do not know half their artful wiles.
Again I call out all my diplomacy, and again as soon as the thing was about at an end, our friend the government clerk gets hot and red, and his sausages stand on end with wrath, and once more I launch out into diplomatic wiles.
Wales came away with a convincing 4-0 win thanks to a superb hat-trick by Joff Wile and another goal from FC Candac's Anthony Smith.
WEST Brom legend John Wile has paid tribute to former team-mate Tony Brown in the build up to tomorrow's statue unveiling.
JOHN Wile believes West Bromwich Albion have made the right decision bringing in Terry Burton claiming the club will have learned their lessons from this season.
22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- International Speedway Corporation ("ISC") today announced that it has named Chip Wile as President of Darlington Raceway ("DAR") effective immediately.
In the new cartoon shorts, each three minutes in length, Wile E.