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Apart from being intensely fascinating, I actually think there are some lessons for litigators in this encounter between wild dogs and wildebeests, not so much to be learned but to be reinforced.
as she wrestles her prey to the ground, the zebras' shriek grow even more shrill and the tide of wildebeests reverses course.
LUNCH Beastly overbite GONER A wildebeest being pulled under by crocs SO CLOSE Wildebeest almost reached the riverbank GREAT MIGRATE Most animals make it to lush pastures in East Africa plains
After several leading wildebeests successfully crossed the river, the whole army followed.
In March KWS plans to move 3,000 wildebeests to the same park.
The father-son bonding of Samson and little Ryan is too close to The Lion King for comfort, including a wildebeest stampede sequence and the fiery finale.
In the process, they meet a pair of cheeky chameleons and the king of the wildebeests, Kazar (William Shat-ner), who yearns to upset the natural order by usurping lions at the top of the jungle food chain.
The Wild's" opening scene, Samson recounting a fictional story of how he faced down wildebeests, is hugely "Lion King"-esque.
In the meantime, the contest between the wildebeests continues.
While no one knows for sure, scientist are piecing together the puzzle of the civilization when animals ten, wildebeests roamed the Earth, a world vastly different from the one we live in today.
The Welsh All Blacks, beaten by Natal Wildebeests in their opening match of the tournament, had too much power and know-how for Georgia, with wing Sandy Stephens accounted for 13 of his side's points, including one of the tries.
PERFECT Ponty ploughed through the mud to leave the Natal Wildebeests hoofing a quick retreat from Sardis Road.
Follow big game across the Serengeti plains of Africa, climb Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro, trek mountain gorillas in the dense Ugandan forests, observe a watering hole and spot elephants, giraffe, lions, zebras, cheetahs and antelopes; be awed in the presence of the world's largest waterfalls at Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls, witness the millions of flamingos at Lake Nakuru or the glorious yearly migration of the wildebeests.
If it's not Simba watching his lion father, Mufasa, die in a stampede of wildebeests, it's PBS' Cailiou whining about this, that and the other or Disney's Stitch shooting off another weapon of mass destruction.