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large African antelope having a head with horns like an ox and a long tufted tail

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The Tarangire wildebeest migration was the focus of a new study that measured how the seasonal presence of wildebeests in different parts of their migratory range influenced survival of resident giraffes, which do not migrate.
Apart from being intensely fascinating, I actually think there are some lessons for litigators in this encounter between wild dogs and wildebeests, not so much to be learned but to be reinforced.
as she wrestles her prey to the ground, the zebras' shriek grow even more shrill and the tide of wildebeests reverses course.
After several leading wildebeests successfully crossed the river, the whole army followed.
In March KWS plans to move 3,000 wildebeests to the same park.
The father-son bonding of Samson and little Ryan is too close to The Lion King for comfort, including a wildebeest stampede sequence and the fiery finale.
In the process, they meet a pair of cheeky chameleons and the king of the wildebeests, Kazar (William Shat-ner), who yearns to upset the natural order by usurping lions at the top of the jungle food chain.
In the meantime, the contest between the wildebeests continues.
The Welsh All Blacks, beaten by Natal Wildebeests in their opening match of the tournament, had too much power and know-how for Georgia, with wing Sandy Stephens accounted for 13 of his side's points, including one of the tries.
So he was the obvious man to turn to before the Natal Wildebeests meet Neath tomorrow night.
That helps her hide while she watches some wildebeests (WILL-duh-beasts) drinking at a water hole.
You say to the computer, "Get information relating masks and wildebeests.
The Tanzania Wildlife Corporation, a government agency, gave him permission to shoot a number of animals, including gazelles, impalas and wildebeests, as part of a carefully monitored effort to obtain meat for residents of the Serengeti area.