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an oilman who drills exploratory wells in territory not known to be an oil field

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Muckerman:  [laughs] Yeah, we're very good at being wildcatters.
Through the success of its first two classes, Health Wildcatters has proven to be an effective partner for startups, and we look forward to keeping pace.
Supremely confident, wildcatters drum up financing from banks or investors by describing how they will tap a gusher in a spot others have dismissed, ignored, or misunderstood.
Halbouty, was one of the world's foremost wildcatters and geologists, for whom A&M's Geosciences Building is named.
As he writes, "oil and gas drilling has been transformed from an industry dominated by hunches and wildcatters to one that is more akin to the precision manufacturing that dominates aerospace and automobiles.
Here are the signs of our times: summer ice melts in the Arctic reaching record levels; fossil fuel wildcatters preparing to seek riches across what had been permafrost in Greenland.
It wasn't long before the wildcatters began to experiment, and in its first incarnation the .
Input from other wildcatters has indicated that barrel life may be on the short side.
He played for Peoria Rivermen, Worcester IceCats, Columbus Cottonmouths and Texas Wildcatters before joining the Devils in 2005.
Swede loved working alongside the American wildcatters in the early days.
SANTIAGO -- Jim Park and Gerry O'Shaughnessy, who count more than 70 years in the energy business between them, hardly fit the image of wildcatters.
22-250 wouldn't be around if it wasn't for the wildcatters.
Now 29, Voth was born in Calgary and came to the Devils after playing for the Texas Wildcatters.
Brazil has plenty of oil too, so Middle Eastern oil barons will feel right at home amongst the wild cats of the Amazonian jungle and the wildcatters of the oil business, while the environmentally sensitive will be close to a part of the world with rainforests and cars that run on ethanol.
Junior mining companies are the mining equivalent of the wildcatters - oil freelancers - of the early American oil development era.