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But exploitation during westward expansion, as well as the installment of domestic sheep, which can host pathogens fatal to wild sheep, drastically reduced these numbers.
Proceedings of the Sixth Biennial Symposium of the Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council.
In the last two decades, following his debut in English of his third novel A Wild Sheep Chase (1983; translated 1989), Murakami has established himself as one of the most innovative and enigmatic novelists of the new millennium.
The Cyprus Mufflon, a wild sheep found in the Troodos and Paphos mountains, also exists nowhere else in the world.
The increases in population of domestic livestock in the area also create problems for the wild sheep, because their grazing areas are limited, Sarfiraz said.
A lover of mountain hunting, he was one of the earliest to take the four North American wild sheep, and he told me that he often carried that relatively quiet .
Argentine peacekeepers monitor a buffer zone in the northwest spanning valleys and mountains and where moufflon, Cyprus's timid and indigenous wild sheep, roam in herds.
The Cyprus moufflon is a sub-species of wild sheep unique to the island and until a few years ago an endangered species.
The same situation is being faced by the famous 'Pallo' fish as well as unique Indus Blind Dolphin and the hog deer, the Sindh Ibex, wild sheep, green turtles, etc.
10 HARUKI MURAKAMI, A WILD SHEEP CHASE (1982; US, 1989) Sometimes my friends say that when I tell an anecdote or explain the plot of a movie I give too many details, and ones that aren't very spicy.
One of those is the mouflon, a type of wild sheep native to Cyprus.
I was taken aback by the title of the article "Climate change offsets evolution to shrink the wild sheep of St.
We glimpsed a herd of wild sheep on a faraway cliff and birds circling overhead, but saw nothing else alive.
I am a member of NW Steelheaders, Ducks Unlimited, the Wild Sheep Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
A study of wild sheep found that female lambs with male twin siblings were 10% lighter at birth than those with twin sisters.