wild mustard

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weedy Eurasian plant often a pest in grain fields

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Considering these facts present investigation was conducted to quantify the effects of wild mustard on growth and grain yield of wheat under varying rates of nitrogen application.
Mitchell-Olds' team studies the wild mustard Boechera stricta.
Claudio Sedivy and colleagues from ETH Zurich collected pollen from four plant species - buttercup, viper's bugloss, wild mustard and tansy - using an ingenious method.
The Wild Mustard Greens" tells the story of Zarco and his family of migrant laborers.
Lipton then explores home incarceration which has the added benefit of accounting for all the Hansels and Gretels, the trail of crumbs, dense black smoke, without a roof and supporting walls, a village covered in wild mustard.
A single cattle horn was set into the wall of a central room, where the remains of a dismantled bucranium were also found, while plant concentrations including lentils, acorns and wild mustard seeds were primarily found in side rooms (Fairbairn et al.
Below right, wild mustard flowers are in bloom, while a burned bush still lingers from last fall's fires.
Charlock is also known as wild mustard, and food historians and geneticists say most of the green vegetables farmed in the western world - apart from lettuce - were developed from it.
Around our feet small bushes of wild mustard grow vigorously.
Brassica rapa is a weed species, commonly known as wild mustard, and is also a close relative of Canola an important crop used to produce cooking oil.
To prove this theory, Purdue postdoctoral researcher Ana Rus used Arabidopsis thaliana, a wild mustard plant.
Prince Edward Islander Gretha Rose developed a script called Wild Mustard for Thom Fitzgerald (The Hanging Garden, Beefcake) to direct this past summer, but at the last-minute financing fell through, delaying the project until fall or next spring.
During February and March, the mists flow over the vineyards and the wild mustard begins its bloom.
Small-seeded broadleaf weeds - lambsquarters, ragweed, wild mustard, nightshade, smartweed, and pigweed.
Surrounded by vineyards bursting with the brilliant yellow of the wild mustard flowers, Yountville will showcase its restaurants, wineries, shops and inns on Saturday, March 23rd, from 11 a.