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wild or uncultivated flowering plant


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Driving along country lanes lavishly lined with rich mixes of wild flowers, it's hard to concentrate on the road ahead.
The UK has lost 97% of its native wild flower meadows in the past 70 years.
Buy pre-mixed wild flower seeds from garden centres - or you can mix them yourself.
Our rather unsightly entry in an old bucket was surrounded by vases holding very common but pretty wild flowers entered by girls aided by their mothers.
Wild flowers were planted again this year and looked great.
It is basically a patch of rough open ground on a slope and I had just intended to replant with a wider variety of wild flowers.
We are teaming up with Grow Wild to offer you your very own packet of wild flower seeds to add colour to your garden.
Cabinet member for environment, councillor Bob Derbyshire, said pollinators such as bees and butterflies have been in decline in recent years as changes in farming practices, increased use of pesticides, changing weather patterns and the loss of wild flower meadows have taken their toll.
Gateshead Council is trying to buck the trend of declining wild flower meadows in Britain.
The latest addition to the meadow, seen for the first time last year, is the Yellow Rattle, Rhinanthus minor, that is one of the true indicators of a successful wild flower meadow.
They were there to help the Parks Service lay specially developed turf full of wild flower seeds, including cowslips, buttercups, red campion and oxeye daisies, in Roath Park.
They will make a new home on the wild flower meadows next to Easemore Road.
Now is the time to spread California annual wild flower seed to fill in those hard-to-plant areas.
In the first trial of its kind on a commercial farm, Neil Dobson, of Kynnersley near Newport, has started collecting wild flower seeds from a 200-year-old meadow in Staffordshire and transporting them to his farm.
Sow part of your wild flower seed, around the grass seed and be sure to rake a light covering of soil over it all.