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any of various undomesticated mammals of the family Canidae that are thought to resemble domestic dogs as distinguished from jackals or wolves

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For more than 10 years, Chester Zoo has been a vital part of the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust African Wild Dog Programme in Tanzania, working to return healthy and genetically diverse populations of painted dogs back to the wild.
The principle of majority rule is nothing to sneeze at--unless you're a wild dog.
Wild Dog actor Rick Gonzalez told International Business Times that Rene would rather be leading the team himself.
ZOO THE Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe was DZ's chosen charity of 2015 with staff organising a Wild Dog Week last summer to pull in the pounds with a 900km static cycle ride, face painting and colouring competition.
Spanish Stew & The Wild Dog If burgers don't do it for you, then head over to Spanish Stew & The Wild Dogs.
As Spirit's gift awakens, it manifests in the form of the ghost of her tamed wild dog, Sky, who died mysteriously.
August 31, 2013 (RUMBEK) -- A school headmaster in Wulu County, Lakes State has died a week after being bitten by a wild dog infected with rabies.
KELLY, Andrew Rhinos ISBN 9781742035383 SCIS 1579392; Spiders ISBN 9781742031996 SCIS 1544040 Wild Dog (Close Up), 2012 unpaged $14.
SIX African wild dog pups successfully bred at Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort (AWPR) are now ready to leave the den where they have been cared for by their mother since their birth in November 2010.
Because of its unique genetic make-up, the African wild dog is unable to crossbreed with any other canine species.
There's no such thing as a savage wild dog, as described in your article, but dogs who have been atrociously brought up by a couple of idiots.
The season features 'Lions and Giants', Wild Dog Island', 'Shamwari' and 'Meerkat Manor'.
They include wild dog case studies with each chapter to illustrate principles of pack leadership.
The wild dog that Charley finds near her home seems to have faced great adversity as well.
In 1995 the Roodes built an advanced veterinary facility and took on captive breeding of endangered species such as the African wild dog, black-footed cat, blue crane and ground hornbill.