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a lodge consisting of a frame covered with matting or brush


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from Wikiup Bed & Breakfast Inn, 1645 Whispering Pines, a mile east of Julian off Highway 78.
Wikiup Home Mechanical Insulations announced that their Grand Opening will take place from March 1-6, 2010.
There is a void in the mainstream market for a retail service that provides materials, instruction and technical advice that will allow homeowners to self-install thermal insulation," said Loren Lysen, President of Wikiup Home Mechanical Insulation Centers.
Tribal members even helped build some of the main exhibits, such as a traditional cedar-plank house made by Don Day of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde and a traditional wikiup made by Minerva Soucie of the Burns Paiute community.
Community Clean Water Institute received $5,000 to be used to perform water quality and instream flow monitoring at five locations in the Mark West Creek Watershed in the Larkfield and Wikiup areas of Sonoma County.