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a Native American lodge frequently having an oval shape and covered with bark or hides

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It started with only four wigwams, but now has a total of 33 wigwams and lodges and welcomes nearly 20,000 visitors a year.
of Wigwam The mums aim to take some of the stress away and promote well-being by providing additional services such as beauty treatments and hairdressing.
He told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "I was at Electric Picnic one year and they had these sort of wigwams they put up.
Or a stay in a timber wigwam in Sauchope Links Holiday Park situated at the eastern tip of Fife and within walking distance of historic Crail and just a short drive to St Andrews.
Wolferlow Wigwams, Upper Sapey, Herefordshire At Wolferlow Wigwams you have all the benefits of camping but with some added comfort: a softer bed, fridge and a kettle for that first cup of tea in the morning.
The Wigwam was the second-largest high school gymnasium in the country with 8,996 seats, and was listed in USA Today (2004) as one of the top places to watch high school basketball.
Once the plants have reached the top of the wigwam remove the tips.
Eating-wise it was tempting to dine out three times a day but it gets very expensive so we tended to have breakfast in the wigwam - which had a fridge, microwave and toaster (not to mention a TV) - then a picnic for lunch.
WIGWAMS (makes 4) INGREDIENTS Choose a square-shaped loaf, either brown or white, so that you can cut even-sized triangles.
Having a wigwam in your reception will not, of itself, propel your agency into administration.
He said the actual construction cost for a combination police and fire station on Wigwam Road is a lot lower.
Puppet Theatre Small Barn Play Tent Quilted Rose Pink Pavilion Cowboy Wigwam
October 4-10--Non-Ferrous Founders Society Annual Meeting, The Wigwam Resort, Phoenix.
For the more adventurous souls a 30-person Learning Wigwam has been designed for group gatherings.
While at Camp Wigwam in Harrison, Maine, 14-year-old Richard Rodgers makes his first attempts at songwriting with the ditties "Dear Old Wigwam" and "Camp-Fire Days.