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send a signal by waving a flag or a light according to a certain code

signal by or as if by a flag or light waved according to a code

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Grab your flag and a copy of the wigwag alphabet for yourself and a friend.
WigWag was established by Ed Hemphill and Travis McCollum, both former executives of videoconferencing firm LifeSize Communications.
There, Signal Soldiers received training in both signaling duties (primarily wigwag and electric telegraphy) and weather reporting.
The MHD stacker includes a programmable oscillating inlet conveyor with a pinch roll at the top, a driven hugger-belt wigwag, flaps, lift, necessary frames and controls.
They're the things that go bump in the night - the snubber, the wigwag and the splutch.
WigWag was introduced in 2011 by two former executives of videoconferencing company LifeSize Communications Inc.
His dissertation contained the seeds of what would later become his famous wigwag signaling system.
The first, in-line with a batch-off method, is to simply wigwag stack the strips into a basket after the strips are directly removed from a batch-off machine.
Myer was granted permission by the War Department to test his proposed wigwag visual signaling system.
The testing completed, the War Department accepted the wigwag system, but needed to have personnel positions authorized and money appropriated to purchase wigwag equipment.
The mixer feed system can be modified to meet specific customer applications through the addition of a wigwag feeder (for masterbatch) with rotary knife, a bale cutter and vacuum hoist, load cells for weigh check on the charge conveyor, hinged sideboards for greater conveyor accessibility, etc.
It is designed to accurately stack onto pallets continuous sheets of stock in a wigwag fashion up to five feet high.
The dictionary entry for "Morse code" names these media as "sounds, flashes of light, written dots and dashes, or wigwags of a flag.
What we're trying to do is establish an outdoor museum of all kinds of railroad signals and the old wigwags and crossing gates and signs,'' said Garges, who recently authored a chapter on local railroads in the book, ``Simi Valley: A Journey Through Time.