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freshwater duck of Eurasia and northern Africa related to mallards and teals

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A) Outbreak chronology in tufted duck (red); Eurasian wigeon (blue); unidentified carcasses (light gray), probably also mostly tufted duck and Eurasian wigeon; and all other species combined (dark gray).
Mallards, wigeon and wood ducks abound, along with divers.
Plus, most days you're shooting two pins and two reds, and then it's over, maybe a wigeon or mottled duck too.
Seasonal variation in Eurasian wigeon Anas penelope sex and age ratios from hunter-based surveys.
Considering these results as well as the apparent increase in the transcontinental migration of EUWI into the Pacific Flyway, we believe that attempts to gain a better understanding of the ecology and natural history of this Palearctic wigeon in the Sacramento Valley are warranted.
RARE BIRD ALERT A male falcated duck visits Eugene Plumage: Gray with green head, bronze crown and long, sickle-shaped flight feathers overhanging tail Length: 19 to 21 inches; about same size as American wigeon or gadwall - Wikipedia
Some, like teal and wigeon, prefer to spend their winters here, avoiding the snowy areas of their homelands.
It was normal to shoot a few mallards or wigeon over the club's alfalfa fields during the first half-hour of daylight, but the geese didn't lift off the refuge to head for feed until the sun was up over the desert mountains.
It's hard to imagine anyone knows the difference between a Hooded Mergansger and a Common Merganser, or can tell apart an American Wigeon against a Shoveler.
AN American wigeon - trapped on the wrong side of the Atlantic - made a lengthy stay on the Stour Estuary on the Suffolk/Essex border.
The common dabbling ducks are the familiar Mallard, now accompanied by Teal, Gadwall and - particularly when the temperatures start to drop - Wigeon.
During December 2016-January 2017, a Eurasian wigeon (Anas penelope) and agadwall (Anasstrepera) found dead at Grado Lagoon in northeastern Italy tested positive for HPAI A(H5N5).
He loves his Beretta A400 and the durability and realism of Avian-X and GHG decoys, which are a mix of mallards, teal, pintails and wigeon.
It won't be long before we see pinkfooted geese forming big noisy skeins in the sky, greylag geese grazing in the fields, wigeon on the lake edges.