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freshwater duck of Eurasia and northern Africa related to mallards and teals

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The appearance of pintail and wigeon drakes, so gorgeous in full winter plumage that they caused pause and complete disregard for the greenheads, was a "hardship.
WILDFOWL THE key duck species using the estuary are all dabbling duck - shelduck, pintail, wigeon, teal, and mallard - which mainly feed in the saltmarsh.
In a related event, on December 6, 2014, an American wigeon was captured and partially consumed by a captive-reared gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) in Whatcom County, [approximately equal to] 8 km from Wiser Lake.
Light-bellied Brent geese, barnacle geese and pink-footed geese are joined by wigeon, grey plovers and bar-tailed godwits as the other VIPs at this coastal 'hotel', where all their favourite food is laid on
The Willowy Wigeon was third and The Cardinal's Hat fourth.
RARE BIRD ALERT A male falcated duck visits Eugene Plumage: Gray with green head, bronze crown and long, sickle-shaped flight feathers overhanging tail Length: 19 to 21 inches; about same size as American wigeon or gadwall - Wikipedia
Some, like teal and wigeon, prefer to spend their winters here, avoiding the snowy areas of their homelands.
Variation in T1 content was observed between sampling locations with the highest mean T1 content in the Eurasian wigeon (Anas penelope) collected in Ibaraki Prefecture.
Marshside is internationally important for the black-tailed godwit and pink-footed goose, and nationally important for wigeon, teal, shoveller and golden plover.
It's hard to imagine anyone knows the difference between a Hooded Mergansger and a Common Merganser, or can tell apart an American Wigeon against a Shoveler.
AN American wigeon - trapped on the wrong side of the Atlantic - made a lengthy stay on the Stour Estuary on the Suffolk/Essex border.
The common dabbling ducks are the familiar Mallard, now accompanied by Teal, Gadwall and - particularly when the temperatures start to drop - Wigeon.
Now we get huge flocks of wigeon and Canada geese coming in.
Pintail, mallard, wigeon and once in a while some snow geese made their way to the straps," he recalled.