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United States mathematician and founder of cybernetics (1894-1964)

a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked

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From the kitchen to the backyard barbecue, the Mini Wiener Rover is the perfect vessel to deliver some unexpected food and fun to fans.
Wiener is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and is active in many charities, including the State of Israel Bonds where from 2013 to 2014 he served as the co-chair of its new leadership division.
Wiener joins BNY Mellon from Oliver Wyman Group, where he was senior partner and leader of the North American Public Policy Practice and a member of the firm's management committee.
There's a sign on the wall that says, ''It Has Been Said That When You Put Ketchup on A Hot Wiener, It Is a Sin .
Wiener came up with a plan to create Cineworld with his wife in 1995.
Indeed, Wiener proposed publishing his portraits with selected Jeffers verses in The Beginning and the End and Other Poems (1963), published posthumously.
By the closure in 1932, due mainly to the deaths of artists Klimt, Moser and Dagobert Peche, the Wiener Werksttte had proven itself to be one of the most important influences on 20th century art, architecture and design.
It was not straightforward for punters in Germany, because although Wiener Walzer was number one on the card by virtue of having the highest official rating, his trainer's number one jockey chose to partner unbeaten stable-companion and 9-10 favourite Suestado.
Wiener shopped yard sales to get a large collection of pots for little money.
Hasselman said the victim had previously confronted Wiener, insisting that Wiener pay him a $100 reimbursement for repair work he completed after Wiener allegedly cut the brake lines on a vehicle belonging to Wiener's ex-girlfriend's new love.
It is being said that Wiener lost a whopping three million dollars.
The Volterra and Wiener theories of nonlinear systems.
One was Norbert Wiener, the "cyberneticist" who helped develop new anti-aircraft weapons, and whose work described the interconnections and similarities between the ways both technologies and human beings function.
Wiener, Men of Blood: Violence, Manliness and Criminal Justice in Victorian England (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2004)
The cast also includes Dean Berg as Orville Livingston, Ellen Gurewitz as Sue Ellen, Karen Gruca as Sister Elizabeth, Ginette Riopel as Sister Gertrude, Eve Steadman as Sister Clare, Ed Vega as Father Gomez, Catherine Wiener as Sister Albertine, and Joan Williamson as Sister Agnes.