widow's peak

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a V-shaped point in the hairline in the middle of the forehead

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L Ferguson, of Gosforth, Newcastle, wanted to know what widow's peak meant.
He said he did not set out to look exactly like the late country legend but he knew that his widow's peak had to go.
She's starred in dozens of films such as The Commitments, The General and Widow's Peak as well as many TV parts.
Which traits do you think are caused by recessive genes (form of a gene that is expressed as a trait only if two genes--one inherited from each parent--are of the same form): earlobes that are attached (connected to the head), a widow's peak (hairline makes a V-shape at the top of your forehead), or the ability to curl your tongue into a U-shape?
Adrian has an impressive back catalogue of films starting with the engaging Hear My Song and including The Crying Game, My Left Foot, Widow's Peak and The General.
We gave Sam wavy hair and a widow's peak and a gray eye and a burn (prosthetic) on the side of his face.
Tint half a batch of cream cheese frosting with black food color and use it to draw the vampire's widow's peak and mouth.
The work will see Oreet and city hair salon Voodou For Him remake a small army of volunteers in the image of Ringo, transforming their own hair - cut short and reapplied to form the ex-Beatle's distinctive widow's peak, beard and moustache.
Herot her movies include Widow's Peak, The Parent Trap, with Lindsay Lohan, and Maid In Manhattan, with Jennifer Lopez.
In my general biology for majors class, I have developed a dry genetics lab where students gather data from five family members or friends regarding the presence of such phenotypic characteristics as widow's peak, hitchhiker's thumb, freckles, etc.
When he was at the piano tinkling up a storm, when he urged the crowd to clap along like a deranged Prince, when, goddamit, he appeared to be a sex god with a widow's peak in an all-black suit, the crowd hung on his every movement.
That wasn't the first time that the Welshman with the widow's peak had scuppered Higgins' hopes of regaining the world title - he knocked him out at the semi-final stage the previous year.
Some might call this a widow's peak, but that's like calling a fat woman curvaceous.
It hasstarted as a widow's peak but could this be my cue ball face of the future?