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Synonyms for wideness

the extent of something from side to side

Synonyms for wideness

the property of being wide

unusual largeness in size or extent or number

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Average values of slenderness ratio and flatness factor were similar for both particles size, G1 and G2, which indicated that particles dimensions were the same, and only the length, wideness and thickness were different (Table 2).
The wideness of the bottom of the well must be relativized with the height of the barrier.
The complexity of the point of view in The Black Prince recalls Jane Austin's wideness and fullness, interestingly to be compared with Henry James's Strether in The Ambassadors.
According to the information given by the official that the height of the shoe is 9 meters and wideness is 6 meters.
Here, philosophy is part of the narrative, which further proves the wideness of the genre.
He had an abundant and infectious faith in the goodness of God, in the wideness of God's mercy and love.
Succeeding versions of the Cayenne have both proved increasingly good to drive and looked a bit less butch; even the added wideness of this latest third model doesn't grate in an age where there are lots of really big 4x4s lined up outside the school gates by mid-afternoon.
For some plants the impact of vole and rabbit herbivory is restricted to early spring growth and decreases throughout the growing season due to increased stem toughness and wideness (Bailey, 1969; Howe, 2008), and we suspect this is true for both Desmodium and Lespedeza.
The principle of synchrony exactly emphasizes the wideness of hybrid warfare based on a possibility of perfectly synchronized operations without capacity of the enemy to recognize them at the same time.
Alizadeh and Mahdavi [1] show that factors such as lack of specialists, intangibility of the control position and non-defining it as a position rank, range management projects' number, distribution, and wideness, hard climatic conditions, the topography dominant in the ranges, lack of transportation and other amenities, lack of communication and coordination between the projects executers and supervisors, and lack of fixed and defined quantitative criterion to evaluate some projects cause the range management projects to fail.
The service level between two countries is measured by the volume of supply (number of weekly connections and weekly passenger capacity), and by the wideness of customer choice (number of airport pairs).
The concomitance of perfect and defective crystals is explained by the wideness of the cold-crystallization peak.
Its fresh appearance now emphasizes its wideness boosting its stability while commanding a strong presence on the road.
iPhone Phablet - Measures 150 mm long with wideness of 85 mm which is bigger compared to 123 mm and 58.
36) The nearest comparison is with "the great Burse in Antwerp, yet not comparable / Either in height or wideness, the fair cellarage, / Or goodly shops above.