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Texas has undergone a wide-reaching transformation of its health and human service system.
At her best, her wide-reaching domestic subject matter dominates the poems to the point that poetic convention becomes transparent or invisible.
largely due to the fact that the benefits are so wide-reaching," says Jane Palmieri, new-business development manager for Dow Automotive.
Manhattan Scientifics said it intends to fully develop and market the new technology, which has wide-reaching potential applications in hundreds of fields.
Vancouver--In a decision that could have wide-reaching effects on Canadian Catholic education, a British Columbia Labour Relations Board has ruled that the Catholic bishop of the diocese of Prince George cannot be the final authority to establish standards of moral conduct for Catholic teachers and impose discipline where those standards have been contravened.
As the budget reconciliation process drags on, it must not be forgotten that many in Congress are setting the stage for consideration of more wide-reaching changes to the tax system.
In a decision that could mean big bucks and have wide-reaching effects in AIDS research, Harvard University was granted a patent last week for commercial use of the protein gp120, found in the wall of the AIDS virus.
It is exciting to see a leading business school expand its curriculum to address the wide-reaching impact that wealthy families and their businesses have on philanthropy and the economy, locally and internationally.
RUGBY UNION: The Rugby Football Union will today outline how they plan to consult the Guinness Premiership clubs as part of a wide-reaching review of the elite game.
The wide-reaching program, begun this week, follows two years of acquisitions and hiring by IBM, and several prior years of downsizing.
Podium Venture Group's current focus is to support Erino is the strategic development of its wholesale program and these trade shows provide the most effective and wide-reaching means to do so.
With more than 4,500 employees across Central America and more than 190 distribution points, along with automated teller machines and Internet banking, the bank's wide-reaching presence in the region gives its customers more choices and better services.
The deal unites two global powerhouses in a wide-reaching agreement spanning live entertainment, publishing, television and radio programs, Web sites, digital products and other marquee music properties.
Guideposts Outreach division provides robust and wide-reaching initiatives offering guidance and inspiration to people in need.
MassMutual's podcast series helps deliver timely news and information to its wide-reaching network of agents and offices.