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Synonyms for wide-cut

having ample fabric


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Black and white is back in wide-cut pants or stretch jeans to mix or unmatch with bold jackets.
Take a leaf out of Julien's feather-covered notebook and try a bold pinstripe: an easy-to-wear, flattering look, especially on floor-length wide-cut trousers or '50s style pencil skirts.
The shape of these easy to wear turquoise shorts from George at Asda are very flattering, with the wide-cut leg shape disguising less than perfect pins.
wide-cut CE 6 models, the Duracell-Powered Neuton mowers can be charged on 10 cents worth of electricity and are the quietest lawn mowers available.
wide-cut models, the Neuton mower can be charged on less than 10 cents worth of electricity and is the quietest lawn mower available.
There are a number of other broadheads, particularly wide-cut mechanicals from Rocket Aerohead, Mar-Den, and Wasp that will also put a serious hurtin' on a gobbler.