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of or relating to a fisheye lens


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The report says it's due to the hardware limitations related to telephoto and wide-angle modes and also because the features aren't ready yet.
The present invention exploit this design approach to provide fast, wide-angle, miniature imaging lenses that can be used for high-resolution NIR imaging, for example in portable electronic devices.
5 wide-angle lens, thinking that this will be closest to your own vision, consider this: the measured focal length of the eye isn't what determines the angle of view of human vision
The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus each come with a wide-angle camera, the equivalent of a 28mm focal length on a traditional SLR camera.
Theia Technologies lenses offer great advantages in that they provide the excellent wide-angle image quality without barrel distortion or vignetting, said Jason Schimpf, Director of Sales Operations & Partner Relations.
CMPI) introduces its new EF11-24mm f/4L USM, a wide-angle zoom lens starting at 11mm (excluding fisheye lenses) in its professional L-series range of lenses, which aims to inspire professionals in achieving a new range of photographic expressions.
1 Megapixel IXUS*Aa28mm wide-angle, 4x zoom with optical IS*Aa6.
With the 12 mega pixel IT100 digital camera, Samsung offers users a 28mm wide-angle lens and a powerful 5x optical zoom paired with Optical and Digital Image Stabilization.
The VB-C300 is a new wide-angle network camera from Canon.
It comes equipped with a wide-angle lens, two RGB inputs, one RGB output, one audio output and a one-watt internal speaker.
The new Wide-Angle Inspection Kit consists of a wide-angle lens and lamp diffuser.
Wide-angle lenses can help solve that problem and you don't need an expensive SLR camera to do it.
Chapters discuss gardening as connection, balance, memory, healing, hope, spiritual practice, and resistance throughout the ages, and the beautiful full-color photography throughout illustrates breathtaking close-ups of flowers and wide-angle views of trees at sunrise and sunset.
The cameras include features normally found on SLR cameras, like the wide-angle lenses, a hot-shoe connector and PC synch port, live histograms, and support for RAW format.